In Memoriam


The Gann Society is a group of individuals who have notified us that they have provided for the Preservation Trust in their estate plans.

The San Juan Preservation Trust has been honored to receive or be notified of bequests from the estates of the following individuals. Each of these wonderful gifts, regardless of size, has boosted the protection of the San Juan Islands in perpetuity.

We have attempted to capture the spirit of these generous individuals, whose legacy gifts to the Preservation Trust have strengthened its ability to protect and care for land in the San Juan Islands in perpetuity. If you are a family member or friend of one of these individuals and wish to contribute to the memorial of your loved one posted here, please contact us at

Greg Abbott*

Rachel Adams

Marilyn Anderson

Carol Avent

Georgia Baciu

Mary Earhart Bawden

Henry Ward and Doris Beecher

Sally and Alexander “Sandy” Bill

Susan Briggs

Jim and Gyvonne Britten

Andrew J. Culver, Jr.

Dodie and Ernie Gann

Nancy M. Givens

Beverly and Ernest Graham

Charles G. Hoffman

Claire Huckins

Ed and Marjory Huizer

Celia Hunter

Paul and Ruth Illg

JoGene Kapell

Walter Kimball

Evelyn J. Leatham

Ruth Little

Charles “Chuck” Ludwig

Bob Lundeen

Martin and Jan Manhoff

Lynette Marolf*

Cynthia McLachlan

John Marx

Ted Middleton

Beulah Mock*

Charles “Lex” Mottl

William E. Murphy

Catherine McNutt Rooks

Larry Sacks

Jean G. Schuster

Betty and Frank Scott

Patricia Swenson

Craig Webster

Natalie White

Arthur Whiteley


*We are grateful for any information you may have about these individuals. Please contact us at