Our Mission, Vision, and Values

Our mission is to:

  • CONSERVE the natural beauty, vital ecosystems, and unique character of the San Juan Islands for future generations
  • CARE for the lands and waters under our protection, with our partners
  • CONNECT people to nature, to each other, and to the Preservation Trust

Our Vision

We envision:

  • Permanent conservation of the stunning beauty and magical character of the San Juan Islands,
  • Healthy, diverse, and sustainable habitats for wildlife and human communities,
  • Abundant pristine natural areas to nourish the soul, and
  • An engaged community committed to island conservation.

Our Values

These are the values of the board, staff, and members of the San Juan Preservation Trust, based on our commitment to be responsible community members and good ancestors.

  • Nature: We recognize the intrinsic, instrumental, and relational value of nature and understand its protection as crucial to the quality of life of current and future generations.
    • Place is important to who we are individually and collectively;
    • Caring for the land is a right thing to do (it is both a social and moral responsibility); and
    • Caring for the land brings us closer as a community.
  • Integrity: We strive to meet the highest ethical and professional standards in all our endeavors and, in doing so, we hold ourselves accountable to our mission and to the public.
    • Be honest and respectful.
  • Collaboration: Successful conservation relies on active participation of people whose lives and livelihoods are interconnected to the natural areas we conserve. We respect the needs, values and traditions of local communities and cultures, and we develop relationships based on mutual benefit and trust.
    • Treat our partners and colleagues with fairness.
    • Work collaboratively to develop practical and creative conservation solutions.
    • Be a good neighbor and engaged member of our community.
  • Diversity: We recognize that conservation is best advanced by the leadership and contributions of people with diverse backgrounds, experiences, and identities.
    • Respect and learn from our variety of experiences and ways of thinking.
    • Create a day-to-day workplace climate that welcomes and encourages each of us, valuing the contributions of all.
    • Strengthen the diversity of our members, trustees, and staff.
  • Innovation and Pursuit of Excellence: We use best available science, assume appropriate risks, and develop innovative conservation solutions.
    • Develop, analyze, and use the best available conservation science and a science-based rigor to set priorities, make decisions, take action, and measure results.
    • Be courageous, yet adaptable.
    • Be creative in the pursuit of excellence.
  • Have fun: We are blessed to live in a place of stunning natural beauty surrounded by good people from many walks of life. We should enjoy that and spread that joy to others.

See also our Commitment to Equity and Justice.