Our Commitment to Equity and Justice

The San Juan Preservation Trust’s mission is to conserve the natural beauty, vital ecosystems, and unique character of the San Juan Islands for future generations; care for the lands and waters under our protection with our partners; and connect people to nature, to each other, and to the Preservation Trust.

We view justice, equity, diversity and inclusion as crucial to our mission of creating healthier and more resilient communities, lands, and waters in the San Juan Islands. Thus, we are working to infuse these principles into the Preservation Trust’s programs and operations.

Why is SJPT embracing this commitment toward justice and equity?

  1. Our mission is to protect and conserve special places in the San Juan Islands for the benefit of every member of our local island communities and for visitors.
  2. We strive for healthier relationships to the land and with our fellow community members. We acknowledge that we reside on the ancestral lands and waters of the Coast Salish and other regional Indigenous peoples who have called this place home since time immemorial.
  3. We will continually review our work through an equity lens that reflects our mission to conserve land, care for land, and connect people to nature, each other, and the Preservation Trust.
    1. Why we do this work: We commit to work with our community to conserve and care for these lands and waters because of our shared connection and relationship to the natural environment and its value to the health and wellbeing of our communities. When nature thrives, people and communities thrive.
    2. How we work: Our leaders commit to continually improve the Preservation Trust’s workplace culture through inclusive and equitable policies and practices, so that all staff and supporters feel valued and a sense of belonging to the Preservation Trust.
      1. We will make our decisions as transparently as possible. We will strive to broaden and deepen our understanding of the natural and cultural history of the San Juan Islands, and to reflect this more inclusive understanding in our programs and storytelling.
      2. We are committed to dismantling barriers that keep members of our community from accessing, or feeling comfortable and safe on, these lands (where public access is in keeping with our commitment to conserve the lands’ conservation values).
      3. In our events and programs, we will strive to promote a spirit of inclusivity and sense of belonging.
    3. Where we work: We acknowledge that we are applying our conservation principles to the ancestral lands and waters of the Coast Salish and other regional indigenous peoples, who have traditional knowledge of how to conserve and care for this land.
    4. With whom we work: We commit to being open and actively listening to all voices in the community, understanding that our work benefits from the diverse perspectives of people from all walks of life. We acknowledge that our work is strengthened through the creation of partnerships with others.