About Us

Founded by a group of island citizens in 1979, the San Juan Preservation Trust is a private, nonprofit, membership-based land trust dedicated to helping people and communities conserve land in the San Juan Islands of Washington State.

Together with our landowner partners, the Preservation Trust has permanently protected more than 300 properties, 45 miles of shoreline, 27 miles of trails and 18,000 acres on 20 islands, including land now managed as public parks, nature preserves, wildlife habitat, and working farms and forests.

A 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, SJPT receives no tax revenue and depends entirely on voluntary contributions to do its work.


Our mission is to preserve and protect open spaces, scenic views, forests, agricultural lands, habitats, watersheds, riparian corridors, wetlands, and shorelines in the San Juan Archipelago.


Our Board

The Preservation Trust is governed by a 15- to 21-member Board of Trustees. Board members represent each of the four major San Juan Islands as well as other islands in the archipelago.


Our Staff

Led by Executive Director Angela Anderson, our staff consists of eight additional full-time professionals, plus seasonal caretakers on a small number of our preserves.


Our Supporters

As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, SJPT relies entirely on the support of its 3,000 members to pursue its mission. A gift of any size makes you a valued member of the Preservation Trust.



Our staff members are united by a passion for conserving the natural legacy of the San Juan Islands for future generations.


Finances and Policies

As a nonprofit, the Preservation Trust is committed to financial transparency and the highest standards of ethical governance.