Connect People and Land

The “third C” of our mission (along with the first two, Conserve and Care) is to “CONNECT people to nature, to each other, and to the Preservation Trust.” We view this aspect of our work as being inextricably woven together with our conservation and stewardship activities.

Community engagement has always been an essential part of SJPT’s work. In recent years, we have become increasingly aware that building connections with a broad range of people and partners is more vital than ever to the long-term health of the organization, the San Juan Islands, the Salish Sea region, and the planet.

The Connect part of our mission also lies at the foundation of our values and our commitment to justice and equity.

We believe that the connections we seek to create and strengthen between people and land are reciprocal—that is, that people should live, work, and recreate on the land not only to benefit themselves, but also to benefit the plants, animals, water, and soil that constitute “the land,” as well.

The “Connect” mandate in our mission infuses all the work we do. It is manifested most visibly through our outreach programs, which include our volunteer and education programs as well as our communications.

Volunteer Program

The San Juan Preservation Trust offers a volunteer program that invites active participation in our efforts to preserve our cherished island places. We aim to provide you with an experience that we hope is worth that most precious of commodities: your time. (See our events calendar for upcoming volunteer opportunities.)

Educational Engagement

We are expanding our education outreach by partnering with teachers and schools with the goal of connecting kids to nature by utilizing SJPT-protected lands as “learning landscapes.” We also organize naturalist-guided tours, events, and outings for people of all ages. (See our events calendar for the current schedule.)


We seek to deepen our connections with SJPT members and the broader community through our newsletters (“Greetings” e-News and Island Dispatch), website, videos, social media, and other media (both print and electronic). See our latest news.