Board of Trustees

We are led by a volunteer board of trustees from the San Juan Islands community. Chosen through a rigorous nominating process and elected by the SJPT membership, each of our board members has deep expertise and a professional background that assist in shaping the direction and initiatives of the Preservation Trust.

Erik Anderson
Erik AndersonHenry Island
Willy Borner, Treasurer
Willy Borner, TreasurerShaw Island
Tom Cowan
Tom CowanLopez Island
David Duggins
David DugginsSan Juan Island
Geoff Dunbar
Geoff DunbarSan Juan Island
Martha Fuller
Martha FullerOrcas Island
Charles Givens
Charles GivensLopez Island
Nancy Greene
Nancy GreeneLopez Island
Jack Groban
Jack GrobanOrcas Island
Sarah Hart, Secretary
Sarah Hart, SecretarySan Juan Island
Peter Kilpatrick
Peter KilpatrickSan Juan Island
Judy Meyer
Judy MeyerLopez Island
Mary Miller
Mary MillerOrcas Island
Joann Otto
Joann OttoSan Juan Island
Michael Popiwny
Michael PopiwnySan Juan Island
Barbara Rosenkotter, Vice President
Barbara Rosenkotter, Vice PresidentOrcas Island
Phil Sherburne
Phil SherburneDecatur Island
Camille Uhlir
Camille UhlirSan Juan Island
Keith Wentworth, President
Keith Wentworth, PresidentSan Juan Island
John Whetten
John WhettenLopez Island

Founder Emeritus

Tom Bayley

Land Counselors

Our Land Counselors are former board members who actively promote the present and future interests of the Preservation Trust in various volunteer capacities.

Karin Agosta
Charlie Bodenstab
Margie Carper
Morris Dalton
Cynthia Dilling
Oakley Goodner
Anne Hay
Harvey Himelfarb

Mitchell Hoyt
Mindy Kayl
Wendy Mickle
Dave Perera
Dianne Pressenda
Sally Reeve
Mary Riveland
Patsy Sangster

Eliot Scull
Samantha Sprenger
Robert Stavers
Joe Todd
Bob Weaver
Jonathan White
Fred Whitridge
Andy Wickstrand
Judie Wilgress