Care For Land

The San Juan Preservation Trust’s stewardship activities include property management, monitoring of our conservation interests, and restoration of damaged or neglected lands. We also provide assistance to private landowners to help them effectively care for their own land.


The San Juan Preservation Trust’s Stewardship Program has two main functions: management of Preservation Trust preserves and monitoring of Preservation Trust-held conservation easements. Our Stewardship Program supports both land and people. We have entered into many long-term agreements with private landowners, and we enjoy building lasting relationships and mutually beneficial partnerships with these individuals and families.


Landowner Resources

The San Juan Preservation Trust holds a number of conservation easement agreements, and we enjoy productive and meaningful partnerships with each of our landowners. We are pleased to offer technical assistance and volunteer labor to help these conservation easement partners care for their land. We are also happy to share our expertise with all island residents that are interested in learning more about best practices in stewardship and land management.