Jordan (Jerry) Marsh Schultz

1934 – 2019

Jerry Schultz was born in Boston, Massachusetts, in 1934, and was educated at Phillips Academy, then Yale University, where he took a degree in the classic languages in 1955. Jerry relocated to Lopez Island in 1958 when he purchased property on the south end of the island.

Jerry worked for many years on the Distant Early Warning (DEW) Line in the Alaskan and Canadian Arctic. His father was a physician but a Schultz family business was the manufacture of custom footwear, which Jerry took on as a hobby after his days in the arctic, fitting out his many of his friends who swore by the comfort of the shoes. That sort of diversion exactly matched Jerry’s temperament.

Jerry’s interests were eclectic. He was uncommonly intelligent. He had a deep interest in music, playing the piano and organ. His house was filled with books of every description. He was also a writer on whatever subject gained his attention, and included essays and poetry.

Jerry would most likely be labeled a political conservative, but his conservativism was based on well thought out principles, and he was always open to intellectual discussion of ideas. His conservatism was based on his respect for democratic principles and institutions.

Consistent with those principles, Jerry was honored to donate his home property, in its undeveloped state, as well as other assets, to the San Juan Preservation Trust, to help maintain the integrity of the San Juan Islands for generations to come.

Jerry passed peacefully the evening of February 3, 2019.

Submitted by Timothy Carpenter, December 20, 2019