Larry Sacks

1947 – 2015

A life-long Los Angelean, Larry was introduced to Orcas Island by his wife, Linda, who discovered the perfect Deer Harbor property on which to build their retirement home. Larry told Linda that if they were to own island property, he wanted to be able to “touch” the water from their doorstep. Despite the fact that the property Linda found was perched on a high bank, he found a way to do so — sliding down the steep bank on his derriere via a deer path, Larry created a trail down to the water. Larry and Linda proceeded to build their home as a legacy for their three children, with an extraordinary view of Turtleback Mountain which they played a very generous role in helping to preserve. To fully enjoy a retirement home, one must retire, but Larry failed happily in this arena. He loved to work, and each time he retired, he would buy back the company he had sold and immerse himself completely. Friends told him he was a different person on Orcas Island, however, where he, Linda, their family and friends spent wonderful times, exploring the islands and enjoying their new home. Eventually, Larry became earnest in his plan to retire and spend more time on Orcas Island, when a year-long struggle with brain cancer cut his life too short. Larry left wonderful Orcas traditions that his family continues to enjoy. He also left a wonderful legacy gift from his estate that was directed to more conservation work by the San Juan Preservation Trust.