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Our New Mission Elevates Connecting People and Land

Every nonprofit has a mission statement. It answers the question, “Why does this organization exist?” At a minimum, a nonprofit’s mission statement must convince the IRS that it qualifies for tax-exempt status. Beyond that, a good mission statement inspires support and serves as a guide star that an organization can look to for clarity and direction at times of change or challenge.

The Preservation Trust’s founding mission statement served the organization well for its first 40 years. …

Featured Speaker Andres Bowman | Courtesy Land Trust Alliance


Remember 1979? The Sony Walkman made its debut that year. Disco hits like “Y.M.C.A.” and “I Will Survive” topped the pop charts. Skylab crashed to earth. And, on April 18, articles of incorporation for the San Juan Preservation Trust were signed, notarized, and submitted to the Washington Secretary of State.

With that, the Preservation Trust became the first conservation land trust in Washington. SJPT was then, and remains today, a pioneering organization at the forefront of the conservation land trust movement in the United States.

Together, we’ve come a long way since 1979. Together, with our landowner partners and you—one of our precious 3,000+ member-donors—the Preservation Trust has now permanently protected more than 300 properties, 45 miles of shoreline, 27 miles of trails and 18,000 acres on 20 islands.

Together, let’s celebrate SJPT’s 40th birthday at this year’s Annual Meeting!

  • Saturday, May 4, San Juan Island Yacht Club, 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.
  • $25 per person. RSVP by mailing the invitation/ballot card with your check.
  • Or register online here:

We look forward to welcoming Andrew Bowman, President of the Land Trust Alliance, as our featured speaker. In addition to reviewing highlights of the past year, Angela Anderson will give a presentation on SJPT’s new mission, vision, and strategic goals (see main article).

This will be the Annual Meeting of the decade! Space is limited, so register soon.


Board of Trustees Election 2019

We love our board members. They are essential to the Preservation Trust’s functioning as a nonprofit organization—but more than that, they are among our hardest-working volunteers, and they’re an extraordinary group of people who bring a wealth of professional experience to SJPT’s leadership.

The past year has been an especially dynamic one in our “boardroom,” as an unusually large number of new prospects have been appointed to fill midterm vacancies. All six of these appointees are standing for election to full three-year terms. They are:

  • Erik Anderson Henry Island
  • Martha Fuller Orcas Island
  • Peter Kilpatrick San Juan Island
  • Michael Popiwny At large
  • Barbara Rosenkotter At large
  • Camille Uhlir San Juan Island

In addition, eight incumbent trustees are standing for re-election:

  • Willy Borner Shaw Island
  • Nancy Greene Lopez Island
  • Sarah Hart At large
  • Alice Hurd At large
  • Joann Otto San Juan Island
  • Phil Sherburne Decatur Island
  • Allen Smith Orcas Island
  • Keith Wentworth San Juan Island

Long-time trustee Tom Bayley is stepping off the board. His fellow trustees have appointed Tom to a new honorary role as Founder Emeritus.

Seven incumbent trustees will continue serving out their current terms. They are: Tom Cowan, Geoff Dunbar, Charles Givens, Jack Groban, Judy Meyer, Mary Miller, and John Whetten.

Our debt of gratitude to each of our trustees is enormous. We thank them for their service to the Preservation Trust, and to the cause of conserving the beauty and way of life that make the San Juan Islands so special and beloved.

Please go to to read about all our 2019 election candidates.

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