Craig Webster

1951 – 2007

Craig Webster was an architect, pilot, sailor, rower and champion of maritime history, and he loved the San Juan Islands. Like the water that surrounds these islands, his life here was spread among many places. He was a lead architect for OPAL Community Land Trust on Orcas Island and owned Deer Harbor Marina for a number of years. He and his wife Tasha were part-time residents of Deer Harbor. He also did architectural work on Lopez and other islands. As a pilot, he saw and loved the islands in a way few are able.

Craig died on May 7, 2007, flying his Cessna back to Washington from an architecture conference in Texas. Craig left a generous bequest to several local organizations that he supported, including the San Juan Preservation Trust. The Preservation Trust’s board of trustees designated Craig’s legacy gift to the organization’s endowment fund, whereby it may continue to care for the islands he cherished.