Ellis Family Preserve | Shaun Hubbard

Wow! We are gobsmacked, humbled, and truly grateful.

A few months back, we mailed our annual appeal for membership support. If you were among the more than 1,000 members who responded with a gift, thank you! Your extraordinary investment in SJPT’s work has surpassed what we have ever raised before during our membership campaign.

If you have yet to renew your support or become a member, you are still critical to our efforts to protect and care for our beloved San Juan Islands. Each additional acre of forest, meadow, farmland, and shoreline that we protect requires our ongoing love—and that love, be it restoring important habitat, building trails, cleaning up beaches, or monitoring a conservation easement, doesn’t come free. We’ve expanded our portfolio of protected properties and, therefore, need additional resources to care for them in perpetuity.

Please, if you’ve not already done so, take a moment to renew your investment in this work, or join thousands of other SJPT members. We’re in this together. Truly. Thank you!