The Gann Society

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Members of the Gann Society, named after early supporters of the Preservation Trust, Ernest and Dodie Gann, are individuals who have made a provision to leave a legacy through a bequest or other planned gift. Please visit IN MEMORIAM to learn about  of those departed members of The Gann Society, whose legacy gifts continue to contribute to the permanent protection of the San Juan Islands.

We are grateful to the following individuals, who are current members of The Gann Society. Their promised legacy gifts will help to preserve land in the San Juan Islands in perpetuity. 

Please consider joining them.

Audra and Eric Adelberger

Kathryn Alexandra

Andrea and Erik Anderson

Christian and Lea Andrade

Jon Avent

Frank Bayley

Thomas Bayley

Paul Beaudet & David Wertheimer

Barbara Bedell

Barbara Bentley

Willy and Vreni Borner

Janet M. Burke

Ferdi Businger

James. T. & Nancy P. Caleshu

Craig Canine

John Carl

Joseph J. Cohen & Martha P. Farish

Irmgard Conley

Sam Connery

Walter Corbin

Barbara Courtney

Sarah Crosby

Alan & Janet Davidson

Dean Dougherty

Lorraine Dukes

Geoff Dunbar & Jennifer Holden Dunbar

Allison Elder

Joseph Cohen and Martha Farish

Charles Givens

Malcolm Goodfellow

Michael & Gale Gropp

Sven Haarhoff & Allison Shadday

Thor Hanson

Leighanne Harris

Carolyn Haugen

Anne M. Hay

Bob and Pat Jester

Sara Jane Johnson

Keith and Ann Jones

Steve Jung and Susan McBain

Prudence Kaye

Clare and Ed Kelm

Babs Klee and Ralph Pease

Pat Kimble

Lorraine Lewis

Bob and Laurie Liebmann

Rick and Meredith Machin

Sue Madison

Steve and Barbara McKeon

Judy Meyer and Gene Helfman

Mary and Steve Miller

Margaret Mills

Katherine B. Mottola

Ted Noll

Joann Otto

Leslie Parrish

Mark Pedelty and Karen Miksch

David and Cherill Perera

Jon and Amy Perera

Lily Perera

Michael Popiwny & Paul Koopman

Dianne Pressenda & Dan Harris

John and Priscilla Privat

Georgia Ragsdale

Bob Roseburg

Eliot and Tina Scull

Judy Sear

Sonya Erickson and Tim Seifert

Steve and Nan Simpson

Catherine Strauss

Erin M. Timms

Joe and Sally Todd

Tye Tyson and Barbara Rosenkotter

Jane and Keith Wentworth

John and Carol Whetten

Fred Whitridge

Helen Winkler and Robert Grimm

Beatrice Carla Wright

and nine individuals who wish to remain anonymous.

as of June 22, 2018