Donors continued

What our supporters are saying (continued)


“What better legacy is there than to help preserve the beauty of the San Juan Islands after we are gone!”
Clare and Ed, San Juan Island

“The San Juan Islands have been and continue to be an important and special place in our lives and those of our children and now grandchildren. Our lives are richer for our time here. We feel it is important to play a small part in helping the Trust to protect and preserve these islands.”
James and Nancy, San Francisco

“We strongly support the SJPT in providing the opportunity to create a lasting legacy and preserve the islands for future generations to enjoy and appreciate. During the campaign for Turtleback, we commented to many people that this was our century’s Moran State Park. People will look back on what we all did 100 years from now and say, ‘They had tremendous foresight and were thinking about the future and how the landscape could change.’ “
Barbara and Tye, Orcas Island

“For over 25 years I have observed the work of the San Juan Preservation Trust. I am as impressed with their land preservation program today as I was 25 years ago. They have the confidence of the community, which results not only in financial support but donations of conservation easements from land owners. I trust that this will continue and look forward to supporting future projects.”
Lola, Shaw Island

“We love the natural beauty of the San Juan Islands, and we understand the need for healthy ecosystems and habitats in order to sustain the web of life here. SJPT plays a huge part in protecting, conserving and restoring this area and so I give a membership as a gift to David each year at Christmas. It’s more meaningful than a sweater.”
Carolyn, Orcas Island

I value that SJPT works to protect our home for us and for those who will inherit it from us. A sweater’s nice too.”
David, Orcas Island

“We have been supporters of the San Juan Preservation Trust and will continue to be because of the amazing things the Trust does… bluebirds, saving farmland, creating access to beautiful places – FOREVER!”
Tori and Scott, San Juan Island

“I bought property and built a vacation house on Orcas in 1987. I used to sail to the San Juans, but I wanted to be part of this wonderful place. Even though I never moved there permanently (yet!), I come up monthly and find it to be magic every time.  I don’t want the magic to be lost to development.”
Sue, Everett, Washington