We’re thrilled to announce our new Director of Communications and Outreach, Kelvin Baker, who joins our staff on June 10. He succeeds Craig Canine, who is retiring at the end of June.

Kelvin Baker, as seen in a video he submitted with his job application

Kelvin comes to us from Michigan and is excited for a big move to the Pacific Northwest.

After graduating from Oberlin College, Kelvin began working with regional arts organizations by applying his interests and skills in communications, marketing, and visual storytelling. Throughout the pandemic, he helped performing-arts organizations such as the Ann Arbor Symphony Orchestra pivot from in-person performances to video and streaming content that expanded membership and donations dramatically.

In addition to starting his own media company working with a variety of nonprofits and other organizations, he most recently worked in the private sector on creative strategy, marketing campaigns, and video content creation for an automotive industry company.

A compelling component of Kelvin’s application for the position was a video he created to introduce himself and show his unique interest in the Preservation Trust—even incorporating our logo and other aspects of our visual branding. Meet Kelvin virtually by watching the video.