Looking for a new solo activity that can enhance your environmental literacy? Join one (or all) of our iNaturalist projects and help to contribute to what we know about our preserves! iNaturalist is a network of users who share biological observations to learn more about the natural world. If you’re not familiar with iNaturalist, watch our tutorial on how to use this app on your phone: “Just a Minute” with iNaturalist.

With significant help from of our volunteer, Kristin Tolle, we have created projects for our publicly accessible preserves. These projects act as real-time, citizen-led surveys of the wildlife, plants, and fungi found within the boundaries of each protected area.

There are multiple benefits to using iNaturalist. You can keep track of your field images, receive taxonomic identification help, and take advantage of the community-supported process that verifies the IDs you’ve made. You may even find that using this tool will sharpen your observational skills and expand your natural history knowledge.

*Please stick to the trails when visiting and making obervations.*

If nothing else, these projects are worth taking a look at— to gain insight into what the iNat community finds eye-catching or interesting during their visit. Click on the buttons below to view the ever growing compilation of observations made on each preserve.

Vendovi Island Preserve
Peach Preserve
Graham Preserve
Sportsman’s Lake
Frank Richardson Wildfowl Preserve
Turtleback Mountain and Turtleneck Preserves
Cowlitz Bay Preserve
Montgomery-Duban Headlands Park
Watmough Bay Preserve
Beecher Preserve
Otto Conservation Easement
Henry Island Preserve