Kimball Preserve

Decatur Island

Years protected: 1985 & 1989

Land protected: 56.4 acres

Shoreline protected: 8,535 feet

Hiking Trails: 0.5 Miles

Trail Difficulty: Moderate

Kimball Preserve is a dreamy daytime destination for kayakers. Located at the southern tip of Decatur Island, east of Lopez Island, the preserve is accessible only by water. It includes an excellent example of a tombolo—a bar of sandy sediment that connects an island with the mainland or another island. A short trail skirts the south shoreline of the small “tied island” west of the tombolo. The trail continues east of the tombolo into the wooded headland on Decatur’s crab-claw-shaped tip.

The south side of the sandy tombolo provides the best landing place for watercraft. The beach is low-bank and easily accessible from Lopez Pass—although kayakers should be mindful of strong currents in the pass. The north side of the tombolo is also somewhat accessible, but is very shallow and marshy at low tides. Another tiny island north of the tombolo is gradually being connected to the adjacent islands by a rising sand bar—which, someday, will likely result in a rare double tombolo.

The headland trail leading to the preserve’s eastern boundary is initially steep and rocky. The public trail ends at the point where the preserve abuts privately owned land (which is  protected by a conservation easement held by SJPT).

Access: There are no public docks or landing facilities on the island. Access is by private boat, kayak, or other human-powered craft only. No overnight camping or fires of any kind are permitted.

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Perfect lunch stop

We kayaked to Kimball Preserve it was a perfect location to stop for our lunch break! Lovely spot.