Frank Bayley III (left) and Doug Bayley

Two of the Preservation Trust’s founding board members and officers, Frank S. Bayley III and his brother Douglas C. Bayley, both passed away in 2022 — Doug on January 17 at his home on Orcas Island and Frank on November 12 at his home in San Francisco.

Their father, Seattle attorney Frank S. Bayley II, signed and notarized SJPT’s Articles of Incorporation in April, 1979.

“My father, Frank S. Bayley, was the incorporator,” recalled Frank III in a 2018 conversation with SJPT staff. “He resigned immediately and appointed me and my brothers, Tom and Doug, as the first trustees. We in turn appointed the rest of the officers and additional board members.”

Frank and Doug continued to support the Preservation Trust throughout their lifetimes. Their brother Tom served on the board for many years. Upon stepping down in 2019, he was inducted into a new role as Founder Emeritus.

The Bayley family’s contributions to SJPT and its mission since before its founding cannot be overestimated. We acknowledge Doug and Frank’s passing with sadness and gratitude.

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