We are thrilled that, in these first days of 2018, we can declare the successful completion of our $1.95 million Campaign to Connect the Henrys! Once slated for a residential development that could have turned the Henry Island isthmus—a natural gem of the San Juans—into an exclusive enclave, this connection between the two halves of Henry Island is now assured to remain accessible to all and protected in its undeveloped natural state forever.

Together, with the generous support of 141 households representing Henry Island residents and friends, many of which contributed two or even three gifts, we have preserved the pristine connection between Little Henry and Big Henry. Together, for the enjoyment of all residents, we acquired the “Knoll” property and its spectacular outlook over Nelson Bay. Together, we secured the future of the isthmus—which borders the spectacular Mosquito Pass Preserve, for a total of 56 protected acres of salt marsh, upland forest, and 4,100 feet of marine shoreline.


Trail map of the Henry Island Preserve

As a natural system, the area displays both high quality and high diversity, including a shallow, mud-bottomed bay (Nelson Bay), intertidal zone, coastal beaches, salt-grass meadow, natural dunes, and dry coniferous forest. The rare accretion beach (along Hunter Bay) is described in the 1999 Priority Habitat Assessment for San Juan County as one of the most important sites of this type in Washington State. A natural area assessment conducted by The Nature Conservancy identified the area as “highest priority” for conservation, and described the salt marsh and mud flats on Open Bay and Nelson Bay as “probably the finest examples of their kind in San Juan County.”

The completion of this campaign is a tribute to the Henry Island community; it also marks a major conservation victory that benefits our entire region, now and in the future.

Considerable work has already gone into a trail realignment across the salt marsh and from the isthmus to the Knoll. A neighbor (Sam Sullivan) fabricated and donated aluminum channel bridges, and the Preservation Trust enlisted volunteers from throughout the islands to build and install over a hundred feet of seasonal wetland crossings. To see one volunteer team in action as they assemble a trail on this spectacular landscape, take a look from a drone’s-eye view.

The wooden crossing sections have been removed for the 2017-18 winter, but will be re-installed on Earth Day weekend this April. Watch for announcements and join the work party!

Campaign to Connect the Henrys Contributors
As of January 11, 2018

Anonymous*Alexander Marine

Andrea & Erik Anderson

Ted & Kathi Anderson*

Apex Foundation*

Jonathan Rodriguez-Atkatz &
Nancy Tarte Atkatz*

The Barker Family Fund

Boeing Matching Gift Program

Janet Burke

Mike & Margot Burks

Alan & Kristin Bushley

Richard & Serena Carlsen

Glenn & Sharon Carter*

Ryan & Maneeta Carter

Marguerite Casey Foundation

John J. & Cynthia K. Chuta ≠

Debby Clausen & Kim Sundberg

Barbara Courtney & Art Lange

Kathryn Crossland ≠

Norm Culver

Gerri Dale

Melanie Danner

Dean & Ruthie Dougherty

Karla Drewsen

Geoffrey & Jennifer Dunbar

Gloria & Carl Einfeld

Albert & Margery Einstein ≠

Sherry & Peter Ettel

Nancy & Peter ffitch

Simon & Rebecca ffitch

Christine Firth

David Fitzgerald

Ben & Carma Floyd

Kathleen Foley

Barbara French

Burk & Cooky Gossom

Lynn Gottlieb

Alexander Gounares ≠

Peter & Barbara Greenwalt*

Dean & Mary Grove ≠

Peter & Rosemary Groves

Sven Haarhoff & Allison Shadday

Barry & Brenda Hanson

Sarah Hart

Steven Hazlerig ≠

Barry Helm

Jason & Catherine Hennig

Gordon & Jeffra Hull

Julie & Tom Hull*

Gretchen Hull & Family

Lindsay Hull*

Sanderson Hull

Sally Huston

Lisa & Buddy Ide

Paul & Theresa Jackson*

Duane & Barbara Johnson*

Laura & Jeffrey Johnson

William & Leslie Knudsen

Jane Kroesche & Jason Mardesich

Rich & Lyn Lacher ≠

Jim & Sherry Ladd

Doug Lane & Michele Hamilton-Lane

Sam & Melinda LeClercq ≠

Bill Lewis (Mitrebox Construction)

Linda McDougall Lewis

Penny Lewis*

Mary Lloyd & Gary Miekle

Tim MacDonald ≠

Jennifer & Chad Mackay

James & Anne MacLean

Lisa & John MacLean

Thomas MainBob & Yvonne Mancuso*

Becky Mansfield & Randy Lawrence ≠

Michael Massa* ≠

Michael & Meaghan Ann McCloskey

Quinn McCloskey

Alan & Ann Merrihew*

Microsoft Matching Gifts Program

John Miller

Duncan & Cheryl Milloy ≠

Ed & Terri Mutell

Laurie & Kevin Naylor

Gery & Laurie Nunnelee*

Darla O’Brian

Maura O’Neill & Vaho Rebassoo*

Ellen Pardee*

Tom Pardee & Jean Johnson ≠

Jennifer Phiefer & Paul Snorsky*

Scott Plank & Corina Hardin

Enrico Pozzo & Yumiko Fujimori ≠

Brooks & Suzanne Ragen

Cameron & Tori Ragen

Matthew & Amy Ragen

Brent & Heidi Reys ≠

James & Tana Ridgeway

John & Catherine Rogers*

Patty & John Rose

Dick & Zita Sandmeyer*

David Saperstein & Vivienne Souter*

Thomas Schafenacker & Jill Blakeway*

Willliam & Bonnie Schourup*

Jennifer & Dan Schroeder*

Mike Schroeder

Ian Scott

Steven & Cynthia Scruggs ≠

Eliot & Tina Scull*

Grant & Carrie Scull

Tim Seifert & Sonya Erickson & Eva*

Corinne Severn ≠

Bill & Pat Shafer*

Dan Shih & Ted MacGovern

Bryan Sires & Deanna Irwin-Sires

Craig & Julie Smith

Spencer Smith

Paul & Joanie Snorsky

Jan Snyder*

Mary Stabler

Todd & Linda Stabler*

Joe Stella

Marion Stewart ≠

Richard Stiles* ≠

Sam & Lucy Sullivan*

Eric Swanson & Devon Hodge

The Swanson Family

Craig Tall & Penny LeGate ≠

Ian & Erin Timms ≠

Sharon Trujillo

Elspeth Vance

Margaret & Kurt Vance

Manlio & Gail Vecchiet

Mike & Pamela Voegtlin* ≠

James & Jennifer Voorhees

Tim & Marye Jayne Wallace*

Heather Ways & Jerry Sgro

Martha Ways & Tim Lee*

Peter Ways & Joe Breakey

Peter Ways & Gretchen Gundrum

Dawn Webb

Eleanor Weinel

Matthew & Marianne Wells

Sally Wold

Bill & Michelle Youngsman* ≠

* Indicates multiple donations                               ≠ Seattle Yacht Club member