Have you heard of “forest bathing?” This somewhat odd-sounding phrase is translated from shinrin-yoku, a Japanese term that refers to the practice of spending time in the woods to soak up its health benefits. Now you can experience shinrin-yoku in the San Juans by signing up for one of the four Forest Immersion Walks we’ve scheduled this year, each at a different SJPT-protected preserve.

Our guide, Aaron Thayne, and his daughter

A growing body of research is casting light on how spending time outdoors, and specifically in natural open spaces and forests, reduces stress and makes us healthier. We invite you to experience these benefits on SJPT-protected land during a guided forest immersion walk.

Our leader on these walks will be Aaron Thayne, who has completed guide-certification training through the Association of Nature & Forest Therapy. Aaron will help us deepen our connection with nature by slowing down and engaging all of our senses while exploring these preserves (click on links to sign up):

“A shinrin-yoku or forest immersion walk is different from a what we normally think of as a hike,” Aaron says. “in shinrin-yoku we are purposely slowing down and connecting our senses with the more-than-human world. These walks invite you to engage yourself, your senses, and nature in a new and novel way.”