Female and male Western bluebird on San Juan Island (photo: Danny Herbert)

A pair of Western Bluebirds has returned to SJPT’s Red Mill Farm Preserve, and more have been spotted elsewhere in San Juan Valley on San Juan Island, as this early spring has brought bluebirds and other insectivores (such as Tree Swallows) to our island a bit ahead of schedule.  We are hopeful that more will arrive in the coming weeks, and we will be posting updates as we learn more!

So,  what’s ahead for this field season?  We will be monitoring existing populations of bluebirds and conducting “emergency” translocations as funding levels permit.  The population on San Juan Island is still very vulnerable and therefore, continued assisted movement of birds to the island is warranted to boost the once-growing population hit hard by a series of bad weather events in the last several years.

This year, more than ever, as existing funding sources have dwindled, we are seeking private funding sources.  You can help keep our bluebirds flying by clicking here or mailing a donation to SJPT, Box 759, Friday Harbor WA 98250.  Please indicate “bluebird” on the memo field so we can apply the funds accordingly.

Questions/sighting reports can continue to be directed to Kathleen Foley, Stewardship Manager, at kathleenf@sjpt.org.