June 2017 Photo of the Month by Steve Alboucq

Have you taken an especially striking nature photo in the San Juan Islands that you’d like to share with recipients of the San Juan Preservation Trust’s “Postcard from the Islands” e-newsletter?

Great! Please send your nature shots to us for consideration as “Photo of the Month.” Here’s what we’re looking for:

  • An original photo that you promise is your own, not subject to anyone else’s copyright.
  • Photos taken in the San Juan Islands. Be sure to tell us where in the islands you took your submitted photo(s).
  • Extra points for photos taken on a preserve protected by the San Juan Preservation Trust! Here’s a map and list of our preserves.
  • Photos should feature the natural beauty of our islands. Landscapes, closeups of flora and fauna, hikers on a trail, family members by the water—it’s all good! But you must have the permission of any people whose faces are shown (or their parents’ permission in the case of people under 18 years of age).
  • Photos should be in landscape (horizontal) orientation.
  • Ideally, photos should be at least 1,600 pixels (wide) x 1,200 pixels (high) at 72 dpi, and in JPEG format. (We will resize as necessary.) We’ll consider photos that are a bit smaller, but they need to look great in our e-news format.
  • Photos should be accompanied by a sentence or two about what prompted you to take it, and where. What was the situation?

By submitting one or more photos to us, you are giving the San Juan Preservation Trust your implicit permission to use it/them in our e-newsletter, on our website, and/or in any other electronic communications of the San Juan Preservation Trust. For our part, we promise to credit you as the photographer in the following manner: “Photo: YourFirstName YourLastname”.

Please email your submissions to craig@sjpt.org. (That’s Craig Canine, SJPT Director of Communications & Outreach.)

We would LOVE to see your photo submission(s) and—potentially—make you a star as SJPT’s Photographer of the Month. Thank you for sharing your talent with us and our supporters!