Dr. Drew Harvell stars in our video tour of False Bay, created by SJPT volunteer Michael Noonan

It started out as the best-laid of plans: Renowned marine biologist Dr. Drew Harvell would be the featured speaker at our 2020 Annual Meeting in April; then, after the meeting, a group of attendees would hop in a van that would shuttle them to False Bay Biological Preserve, where Dr. Harvell would lead a tide-pool tour.

Then, of course, the pandemic hit. Our Annual Meeting was postponed (to be held as a Zoom webinar in June), and the False Bay field trip morphed into a film. Michael Noonan, an award-winning documentary filmmaker and San Juan Island resident, volunteered to make a video version of Drew’s tour. His creation, titled Through Her Eyes: The Science and Beauty of Intertidal Life in the Salish Sea, made its debut as a YouTube Premiere on September 9, 2020. It quickly racked up an impressive number of views, and will appear on many more screens as an entrant in this year’s Friday Harbor Film Festival.

Now, see it through your eyes (full-screen mode highly recommended)!