Wildwood Preserve

San Juan Island

Year Protected: 2005 & 2009

Land Protected: 10 acres

Public Benefits: Forest

Roger and Claudia Salquist and Sarah and her late husband John Crosby, in a series of several transactions, have permanently protected their jointly owned 10 acres of forested land on San Juan Island’s Turn Point.  “The Crosbys and Salquists have ensured that this peaceful undeveloped natural area will remain forever wild for the benefit of future islanders, neighbors, and wildlife alike,” said Debra Clausen the Preservation Trust’s Director of Conservation at the time of the transaction.  “We thank them for their generosity and dedication to conservation.”

The property, now known as the Wildwood Preserve, features woodlands, rock outcroppings, and a seasonal stream as well as woodpeckers, flickers, bald eagles, great blue herons, hummingbirds, sparrows, and finches.  Now owned by the Preservation Trust, the Wildwood Preserve will function primarily as wildlife habitat though walking trails can be established in the future.

The conservation value of this parcel is increased by its location next to 14 acres (also owned by the Salquists) previously protected by the Preservation Trust.  This “connectivity” of protected land is becoming an increasingly valuable strategy for conservation as fragmentation of natural habitats becomes a major concern.  The Preservation Trust protects an additional 40-plus acres on nearby Turn Point.