Sutter Preserve

Lopez Island

Year Protected: 1998

Land Protected: 10 acres

Public Benefits: Agricultural lands

In the summer of 1998, the Preservation Trust acquired 10 acres of scenic farmland along Fisherman Bay Road on Lopez Island, a very well-traveled route (you can’t miss it if you’re driving from the ferry into Lopez Village).  The purchase was made possible by Lopezians Linda McBrayer, Shari and David Ashbaugh, Rose Torres, and several anonymous donations, with special thanks given to the sellers, Robert and Joan Sutter.

Some of the funds for the project were donated in memory of the late Dr. Alexander “Sandy” Bill, who served on the Preservation Trust board and was dedicated to land conservation in the San Juans.

“I feel very strongly about preserving the land in remembrance of all the people who worked so hard to keep as much of this island as possible for pasture and farming,” said McBrayer at the time of the purchase.  “I also wanted to memorialize Dr. Sandy Bill who performed life-saving surgery on me when I was 12, allowing me to be here on earth and enjoy my  life on Lopez with my family.”