Storey Preserve

Shaw Island

Year Protected: 1996

Land Protected: 14.3 acres

Public Benefits: Forestland, wetland,  rocky knolls

“I wasn’t going to build on it and thought it might as well go towards a good purpose,” said Helen Storey of Shaw Island, who donated 14.3 acres in 1996 to the Preservation Trust.

This nature preserve sits along Blind Bay Road and forms a lovely backdrop to the Shaw Island Library and Historical Society. The property hosts a surprisingly diverse array of trees as well as a pocket wetlands and rocky outcroppings, providing habitat for a variety of native plants and animals. The property has been managed, and will continue into the future, as a wildlife preserve.

“We’re deeply grateful to Helen for donating his beautiful acreage,” said Steve Bruan, the Preservation Trust’s president at the time. “Her gift adds to our cumulative effort to preserve natural habitat and protect the scenic roadsides of the San Juan Islands. It benefits the community today and those that follow.”