Sportsmans Lake Preserve

San Juan Island

Year Protected: 1984

Land Protected: 2.5 acres

Public Benefits: Fresh water access, wildlife habitat

This 2.5-acre parcel, stretching along the northeastern shoreline of Sportsmans Lake on San Juan Island, was donated to the Preservation Trust by Mrs. Helen Irene Dogan in 1984. Her gift ensures that the view of the shoreline and across to the far shore from Roche Harbor Road remain unspoiled. Soon after the Preserve was donated to the Preservation Trust, access to the lake for the Friday Harbor Sailing Club’s youth lessons was granted. The 770- foot strip of land north of the lake’s public fishing ramp serves as the access point. In addition to ensuring access for youth sailing, wildlife will forever benefit from this undeveloped buffer of freshwater habitat for foraging and roosting.

Sportsmans Lake Preserve is open to the public. Click here for visitor information and trail map.