Shooting Star Meadow Preserve

San Juan Island

Year Protected: 2022

Land Protected: 10 acres

Public Benefits: Oak meadow, open space, rocky balds, mixed forest

In late 2022, the Preservation Trust received the donation of a 10-acre parcel that connects with the San Juan County Conservation Land Bank’s Cady Mountain Preserve. The property was donated at the wishes of Clark Casebolt, who passed away in February 2022 of complications of ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease).

“Clark was a big-hearted, generous guy who loved the natural world,” recalls Thom Pence, a close friend and one-time neighbor. “He enlisted me and others to help restore the oak and wildflower habitat on the property. It’s one of several properties in the area where shooting stars are especially abundant—a sign of good remaining habitat.” Appropriately enough, the land is now known as Shooting Star Meadow Preserve.

We’re grateful to Clark’s widow, Mary E. Schlater, Jim Casebolt (Clark’s brother) and his wife, Linda Friedman, for their generosity in following through with Clark’s wishes to conserve this special piece of land forever.