Myers Conservation Easement

Waldron Island

Year Protected: 1986

Land Protected: 19.75 acres

Public Benefits: Farmland, forest

In 1986, Beatrice L. Myers granted a conservation easement on 19.75 acres of farm and forestland on Waldron Island. Pockets of wetlands, dotted with old and decaying trees, were  left intact to serve as important wildlife habitat. At least 40% of the protected property will remain as forest.  Surrounded on three sides by the Cowlitz Bay Preserve, which was created by the Nature Conservancy and is now owned by the San Juan Preservation Trust, this addition creates a large contiguous swath of protected land from the shore of Cowlitz Bay to the center of the island.

Myers’ dream continues under the auspices of Thousand Flower Farm, owned by Joel and Margaret Thorson, who cultivate produce and flowers, raise sheep, weave rugs and knit hats for sale.  The Thorson’s love for this land is a testiment to Beatrice’s original vision, and the products they produce here can be found each summer at the Friday Harbor Farmer’s Market.