Magnano-Boddy Conservation Easement

Guemes Island

Year Protected: 1996

Land Protected: 20 acres

Public Benefits: Forest, wetlands

In the world of conservation, the collective actions of individual private landowners coming together to conserve larger patches of habitat increases its value to wildlife.  Sherry Boddy and Ann Magnano knew this when they decided, along with neighbor Ferdi Businger, to conserve their 20 acres of land on Guemes Island. All told, only two homes and two guest cabins can be built on the 30 contiguous acres protected by Sherry, Ann and Ferdi, and these structures are confined to the least ecologically-sensitive areas of their respective properties. Sherry and Ann even went one step further by setting aside their western 10 acres as “forever wild” forested and wetland habitat, ensuring that this area will remain in its natural state in perpetuity.

Thanks to this neighborhood effort, the wildlife that inhabit this part of Guemes Island will benefit from the connectiviy that these conserved areas create, and it will provide them with refuge from the habitat fragmentation that is occurring throughout much of our islands.