Krieger Conservation Easement

Orcas Island

Year Protected: 1990 & 1996

Land Protected: 26.5 acres

Shoreline Protected: 665 feet

Public Benefits: Agricultural lands, shoreline, & scenic views

In 1990, Michael and Susan Krieger of Orcas Island protected their beloved “Skyeland Farm” with a conservation easement on 25 acres. Then, in 1996, an additional 1.5 acres was protected with a “forever wild” conservation easement, adding to the scenic beauty and open-space preservation along the Horseshoe Highway near the Orcas ferry terminal. The special designation of “forever wild” means that this parcel will remain undisturbed and in its natural state in perpetuity. Altogether these donations contribute to the preservation of working farms and the scenic beauty for residents and visitors alike as they approach or depart from the ferry landing.

Prior to making these conservation donations, Mike Krieger served on the Preservation Trust’s board of trustees in 1980.