Holm Conservation Easement

Lopez Island

Year Protected: 1999

Land Protected: 13 acres

Shoreline Protected: 1,300 feet

Public Benefits: Shoreline, woodlands, rocky balds

Bill and Martha “Marty” Holm, long-time members of the San Juan Preservation Trust, protected delicate habitat on the south end of Lopez with their conservation easement on 13 acres at Watmough Head, including 1,300 feet of waterfront.  The spectacular property comprises a rich mosaic of woodlands, grasslands, and rocky balds. It is part of the rugged and wild “southeast crescent” of Lopez Island, which stretches from Watmough Bight to Iceberg Point.

“What really excites me,” says Marty Holm, “is looking across the open areas and seeing the subtle and dramatic colors of light in the sky, reflecting on the water and the wind-shaped trees.  It’s constantly changing.”

“We’d thought about protecting this amazing place with a conservation easement for some time but never got around to it,” Marty continues. “Our wake-up call came a short time back when we found ourselves at  a place on San Juan Island where we had camped and kayaked years ago.  The trees were replaced with houses and the area is completely changed.  We couldn’t imagine this happening to our place on Lopez so we contacted the Trust.  We both feel really good about having protected our land and hope others will consider doing the same.”