Hoffman Preserve

Guemes Island

Year Protected: 1990

Land Protected: 79 acres

Public Benefits: Forest

Late in the summer of 1998, the Preservation Trust took ownership of 79 acres of forested land on Guemes Island.  This forested parcel was originally protected by Charles and Tess Hoffman in 1990 with a conservation easement.

Recognizing the power of leaving a legacy, the Hoffmans made provisions that, upon their death, the land they had loved and protected would fall under permanent care of the Trust.   This parcel is now known as the Hoffman Nature Preserve and will continue to be managed for its wild plant and animal habitat.  Charles and Tess had no way of knowing this, but their gift was just the first of many that eventually stitched together a 530-acre area of forest, farmland, mountainsides and shoreline owned by land trusts, private landowners and state agencies.  We like to think they’d be awfully proud of what they started.