Hay Conservation Easement

Orcas Island

Year Protected: 1999

Land Protected: 15 acres

Shoreline Protected: 335 feet

Public Benefits: Shoreline, forest

In 1999, Orcas resident Anne Hay donated a conservation easement on 15 acres of woodland and 335 feet of shoreline off Glenwood Inn Road, near the Point Doughty Preserve of the Washington State Department of Natural Resources. After making her donation, she proceeded in engaging neighbors to follow suit. The following year, Fred and Barbara Cleaveland donated a five-acre conservation easement to protect woodlands, pastureland and a stand of old growth Western red cedar just across the road from the Hay property.

The Hay and Cleaveland families were able to maximize the conservation benefits of these smaller parcels of land by working together. They have created a larger swath of protected land that will be utilized by a variety of wildlife seeking shelter and places to forage, breed and raise their young.