Haner Conservation Easement

San Juan Island

Year Protected: 2002

Land Protected: 35 acres

Public Benefits: Forest, open meadow, rocky balds

By placing a conservation easement on their property near Mitchell Bay on San Juan Island’s west side, Ted and Dee Haner have created a sanctuary for the wildlife they love.  The Haner’s 35-acre inland parcel is a diverse mixture of woodland, open glades, and rocky ridge top, and provides exceptional habitat for deer, songbirds, raptors and occasional fox that use the property.

“Our wish was to have the land stay wild–to be a sanctuary for wildlife,” explains Dee.  “The property had been slated for intensive development, and we knew we did not want that to happen.  Granting a conservation easement to The San Juan Preservation Trust was the best way to ensure the land would be protected forever.”

The terms of the conservation easement limit residences and other buildings on the property to two carefully-chosen building envelopes of just over two acres each.  The remaining 30+ acres will remain natural.  The easement offers additional benefit as it stretches for over a quarter mile along Mitchell Bay Road, ensuring that the forested corridor of the neighborhood retains its rural character.

“This easement is a wonderful addition to The Preservation Trust’s holdings along the west side,” commented  (former) Trustee Judy Moody.  “We are grateful to the Haner family for protecting their land and putting their conservation convictions into action.”