Dilling Conservation Easement

Lopez Island

Year Protected: 2007

Land Protected: 24 acres

Public Benefits: Forest and fields

When Cynthia Dilling and her late husband, Ray, first laid eyes on this rolling, forested piece of land that gracefully stretches to the sea on the east side of Lopez Island in 1979, they knew instantly that this was the place. “We didn’t think about it for even five minutes,” Cynthia said. “There is something about the land in its wild state. We think it is important to have this for future generations to experience.

“I don’t manage this land carefully, I’m not picking up everything—just regular natural processes are happening, and it’s amazing to watch that through the decades. I just hope that others will be able to appreciate it.”

Cynthia was one of the founding members of SJPT, and she has a profound and deep reverence for the land. After Ray passed away, Cynthia acted on her feelings of reverence and placed a conservation easement on the property in 2007. Her love of Lopez Island extends beyond this gift, and has transcended to myriad other volunteer causes to preserve the beauty and integrity of the island.