Crescent Beach Preserve

Orcas Island

Years Protected: 1986 & 1990

Land Protected: 9.5 acres

Shoreline Protected: 493 feet

Public Benefits: Freshwater marsh

A gift of 7.5 acres of marsh behind Crescent Beach on Orcas Island (just east of Eastsound Village) was donated to the Preservation Trust by Robert F. Buck in 1986. Subsequently, in 1990, an adjoining 2 acres of wetlands was donated by Stephan Gerrard. The wetland area contains important wildlife habitat (home to deer, otter, muskrat, and a multitude of avian species) and will remain in a natural and undisturbed condition under the Trust’s stewardship. The wildlife habitat value of this wetland was further enhanced when the San Juan County Land Bank protected several hundred acres in the marsh and Crescent Beach area, making this a favorite stop for residents and visitors alike to stretch their legs, view wetland species along the marsh’s trail system, or gaze down the long fetch of East Sound.


Due to the sensitive nature of this wetland area,  there are not any walking trails on this particular property. However, the San Juan County Land Bank’s Crescent Beach Preserve is directly adjacent and boasts a 0.7 mile walking trail. You can find information on visiting this beautiful little trail here.