Cleaveland Conservation Easement

Orcas Island

Year Protected: 1999

Land Protected: 5 acres

Public Benefits: Woodlands, old growth forest, pasture

“Anne invited us and several other neighbors to meet a representative of the Preservation Trust over coffee one day.  She wanted us to see what was involved in donating an easement and encouraged us to join in”, says Fred Cleaveland, remarking on his choice to permanently conserve his property in 1999.

He was speaking of his neighbor, Anne Hay, who had previously donated a conservation easement on her 15 acres of land.  “We live six months in North Carolina and six on Orcas, and we’ve been long time supporters of the Preservation Trust.  After learning how the Trust works and talking with our neighbors, we decided to donate an easement to protect our property in its present state.” Their donation resulted in a conservation easement that will permanently protect mixed woodlands, pastureland,  and a stand of old growth Western red cedar.