Brostrom Conservation Easement

Waldron Island

Year Protected: 2021

Land Protected: 30.3 acres

Shoreline Protected: 1,734 feet

Public Benefits: Natural shoreline with pocket beaches, open space (grassland meadows), mixed upland forest, scenic views

Micaela and Kenneth (better known as Mica and Ken) Brostrom have been part of the Waldron Island community since the early 1970s. For 50+ years, they have been staunch advocates for protecting and restoring Waldron’s undeveloped character, relatively intact ecosystems, and unique way of life. They have been exemplary stewards of their land, investing in (and following) a forestry plan to improve the health and habitat quality of their second- and third-growth woodland, and participating in a neighborhood effort to support salmon recovery efforts along the shoreline.

Their 30.28-acre property consists of inland forest and a prominent headland extending into President Channel, flanked by two pocket beaches. The shoreline, extending for nearly 1/3-mile, has been ranked as a top-priority protection area in San Juan County for out-migrating juvenile salmon and forage fish habitat. In spring, the rocky headland hosts a carpet of native wildflowers, including camas, sea blush, chocolate lilies, and western buttercup.

The Brostroms donated a conservation easement on their land to the Preservation Trust in 2021, leaving a legacy that will endure in perpetuity.