Ellis Family Preserve | Photo by Shaun Hubbard

We can only keep preserving the best of the San Juan Islands if you want to preserve these treasures with us. We encourage you to become a member, or renew your membership, and be generous to this special place.

It takes an immense effort to keep our islands wild and unsullied.

From cleaning up beaches to restoring habitats and building trails, we have a long list of hard, expensive, and necessary projects ahead of us. Your help today will enable us to direct the resources that our land stewards and volunteers need to complete these projects.

By joining us as a member, you will also enable us to help the next landowner who approaches us, wanting to protect land or shoreline. Whether it’s a pristine lake or an old forest, a family farm or an entire island, what we preserve next year will almost certainly be indescribably beautiful and worth every dollar that pays for its protection.

We don’t save special island places just for ourselves—although we get to enjoy them, too. We’re really doing it for the islanders to come. To know that, a hundred years from now, someone will look upon the same magical islands we see today… that’s why we do this.

Please join us.