Island Dispatch | Winter 2021-22


A Letter from Angela

On a sunny Saturday morning in January 2018, my phone erupted with a strident emergency alert sound and displayed this message:


At the time, my husband, Adam, our two daughters, and I were wrapping up our last weeks as residents of Kauai. We were in the throes of preparing to move to the San Juan Islands, where I would soon start my dream job as the Preservation Trust’s Executive Director.

The alert sounded just after 8am. After a moment of initial shock, the first thing that popped into my mind was, “What’s our plan?” How could we “seek immediate shelter” from this seemingly inescapable threat?

It’s hard to plan for a threat you’ve never faced before. We had prepared for hurricanes, but what do you do about a nuclear missile? We loaded the girls and a box of canned food into the car and went to the storm shelter at the local high school. After 40 panicked minutes, the word came that it was a false alarm.

Climate change feels as scary as an incoming missile, except we know relief isn’t going to come in the form of a false alarm. We’re seeing its effects already, with hotter, drier summers; increasing pressure from invasive species; heightened risk of wildfire; and more extreme weather events, such as increased winter rainfall and flooding. How can we protect your investment, as SJPT donors, volunteers, and partners, from these unprecedented threats to the island land that we are committed to steward, forever? What’s our plan?

The good news is, we’re working on one. In October, we launched a new planning effort that will set SJPT’s conservation priorities for the next ten years. This new, fully climate-informed Strategic Conservation Plan will direct our approach to permanent land protection and stewardship to strengthen the resilience of our lands for plants, animals, and people as climate impacts increase.

We will share key findings and strategies with other Salish Sea land trusts and conservation partners (such as the San Juan County Land Bank and Coast Salish Tribes) as we work together on achieving a shared vision of island conservation not for a limited few, but for all.

This past year, with your support, we’ve pursued the “Three Cs” of our mission—Conserve, Care, and Connect—in many ways. We’ve highlighted a few of them in the following pages. Above all, we want to thank you, our donors, volunteers, and partners, without whom none of this work would be possible.

With gratitude,


Angela Anderson, Executive Director

CONSERVE Island Land

In pursuit of our mission to CONSERVE the natural beauty, vital ecosystems, and unique character of the San Juan Islands for future generations, you fueled our work during the past year to protect:

  • 418 acres with conservation easements
  • 42 acres through acquisition
  • 1,734 feet of natural shoreline

This brings the total of all SJPT-protected land to nearly 18,500 acres including 50+ miles of shoreline on 21 islands.

A few highlights of 2021:


Early this year, we completed the purchase of a conservation easement protecting 330 acres at the heart of Beaverton Marsh, the county’s largest Class I freshwater wetland. The newly protected area connects with the previously existing 40-acre SJPT Beaverton Marsh West Preserve and the 135-acre San Juan County Land Bank Beaverton Marsh Preserve, bringing the total protected acreage to 505. Nearly 200 generous donors made the expanded protection of this vital wetland possible.


Protecting this 80-acre wetland near the coast of southwestern Lopez has
long been a high priority for the Preservation Trust. Two transactions involving portions of Davis Bay Farm (owned by the Hoedemaker family) added 58 acres of permanently conserved land, creating momentum for more conservation to come. We wish to thank an anonymous donor who helped make this project possible.


Acquisition of the 42-acre Keel property adds more protected forest habitat, including old-growth trees, a wetland and a seasonal stream, along Moran State Park’s eastern boundary. The Land Bank holds a 20-acre conservation easement that bridges the new Keel Preserve with SJPT’s 30- acre Hogback Preserve, creating a 90- acre contiguous tract of permanently conserved land that offers a wildlife buffer area to Moran State Park. With volunteer help, we have started to build a trail connecting the Moran trail system to a waterfall viewing area on the Keel Preserve. Our thanks go out to 18 generous partners whose gifts made protection of this land possible.


In October we launched the process of creating a Strategic Conservation Plan—the first update since 2004. The new plan will set the Preservation Trust’s conservation priorities, in league with our community partners, for the next 10 years. Read more in the “Letter from Angela” (above).

CARE for Island Land

The “middle C” of our mission is to CARE for the lands and waters under our protection, with our partners. To that end, we continued to adapt our stewardship operations to evolving pandemic-related guidance. By year’s end we will complete annual monitoring on all of our 248 easements and 71 preserves (up from 244 and 69 last year).


A trend that our stewardship staff noticed this year was that many long-term owners of easement-protected properties have decided to go “full-time” in the islands, riding out the pandemic in this beautiful and relatively COVID- safe place instead of working from cities or suburbs. One of our land stewards observed: “It seems that many peoples’ interest in discussing land stewardship has been rekindled as they’ve spent more time in the islands, deepening their sense of intimacy with place.”


For years, we’ve been planning to build a fence on Red Mill Farm Preserve that keeps grazing cattle out of False Bay Creek. The creek empties into False Bay Marine Biological Preserve, a richly diverse tideland habitat owned by the UW and managed by UW Friday Harbor Labs. The fencing project, aimed at improving the purity of the water that feeds into the bay, also requires installing a water pipeline and stock tanks to replace the cattle’s drinking-water supply. We’re happy to report that the fence is finally complete, enabling San Juan County to plant some 1,200 trees to create a wooded buffer zone along the creek.


Our stewardship staff is evolving. Long- time Stewardship Manager Kathleen Foley Lewis has stepped into a new role as Conservation Project Manager. To fill that gap and then some, we’ve added two new Land Stewards: Meghan Howard, who has assumed monitoring duties on Orcas Island; and Troy Buckley, who monitors SJPT-protected properties on Lopez and outer islands. In addition to monitoring, Meghan and Troy have expanded our capacity to manage and restore our preserves and easements.


Since 2016, SJPT staff and troops of volunteers have planted and maintained a network of butterfly gardens—or, more specifically, protected “habitat patches.” These flower-filled oases are designed to entice Island Marble Butterflies to establish population outposts beyond San Juan Island’s American Camp prairie, the only place in the world where this endangered species is known to exist. Last spring we were excited to discover Island Marble eggs and larva at the habitat patch we created on the Land Bank’s Frazer Homestead Preserve—proof that your investment in this project, whether as a donor or volunteer, is starting to pay off.

CONNECT People and Land

The third C of our mission is to CONNECT people to nature, to each other,
and to the Preservation Trust.


Since opening in 2020, the Sylvan Loop Trail at the Marilyn and Fred Ellis Preserve has become a beloved ramble that many enjoy in solitude and others regularly share with friends and family. At the Tharald Homestead in the heart of the Ellis Preserve, we hosted popular tours this year highlighting the fascinating cultural history of the site. Three August field trips sought to enhance a deeper understanding and appreciation of natural history and provide opportunities to learn with and from one another.


As Kahlil Gibran wrote, “work is love made visible”—an alchemy we are thrilled to witness every time volunteers join in planting parties, weed pulls, Western Bluebird and Island Marble Butterfly projects, trail maintenance, and more. With loosened COVID restrictions on outdoor activities, a record number of volunteers joined us this past year. You can see the names of all 196 of them later in this issue. All told, they logged 5,340 hours—the equivalent of two and a half years of 40-hour work weeks. Dear volunteers, you are the best!


In 2021 we hosted eight groups of students ranging in age from preschool to high school, making several SJPT preserves available as “learning landscapes” that foster the nature-kid connection. Working together with school faculty, we’ve led students on field trips to explore relationships between species in natural systems. Student groups, including Youth Conservation Corps crews from San Juan and Lopez Islands, have participated in hands-on stewardship experiences, such as building a hibernaculum (aka “critter cozy”), pulling Scotch broom, and planting a grove of Garry oak trees. We hope to further expand our educational outreach next year.


Your generous gifts to the San Juan Preservation Trust protect and care for wild and beautiful places and critical habitats for generations to come. Your investments in the land enhance the lives of both residents and visitors alike by allowing access to nature, restorative vistas, and healthy ecosystems. Thank you for your commitment to protecting the magical character of the San Juan archipelago. We are grateful to you and appreciate your unwavering support.

All members who have contributed between September 1, 2019, and October 2021 are listed according to the number of consecutive years they have invested in our work. We have done our best to make this list complete and accurate. If, however, we have omitted your name or placed it in the wrong category, please accept our apology and let us know (email Kristin Buckley at or call 360-317-3055).


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5 to 9 YEARS

Neil Aaland and Jody Ferguson • David and Sheila Aas • Stephen and Laura Adams • Rexford and Patricia Adelberger • Steven Alexander • John Alic • Eileen Allen and Kurt Schmalenberger • Anthony and Nancy Allison • Jerry and Jacqueline Allison • Edward and Bonnie Alm • Robert Amundson • John and Janice Anderson • Tony Angell and Lee Rolfe • Apple Matching Gift Program • Diane Appelgate • Ken Arzarian • Thomas and Kathleen Baillie • Richard and Catherine Barnhart • Bob and Anne Barry • Barry and Debbie Bartmasser • Rebecca and Joel Barton • BE Property Management • Jill and Joe Belcovson • Barbara Bentley • Frank and Sharon Bereitschaft • Pepper Binkley and Marshall Sebring • Jerald and Stephanie Boesch • Patricia Bolding • Larry and Karen Breedlove • Jeff and Deb Brennan • Jodi Broughton • Adam Brown • Joyce Brown • Elisabeth Brownstein • Ellen Brunson-Newton and Robert Newton • Jonathan and Carol Buchter • Troy and Kristin Buckley • Stephanie Buffum • Anne Bugge • Galen and Birch Burghardt • Joe Burnison • Coleman Byrnes • David Cahalan and Mary Brown • The Cambia Employee Giving Campaign • Camp Nor’wester • Patricia Campbell • Scott and Karen Campbell • Stan and Sue Carlson • Glenn and Sharon Carter • Cascadia Consulting Group, Inc. • Clark Casebolt • Kathryn Chadwick • Robert and Erin Christie • David Church • Mary and Larry Clark • Coca Cola Matching Gift Program • Douglas Cole • Stephanie Colony • Dennis and Barbara Conrad • Corporate Visions, Inc. • Elizabeth Crosby and Nicholas Williams • Jacqueline Crowder • Judy Cumming • Peter and Betsy Currie • Stephanie Dallas and Krista Mann • John and Elizabeth Darrah • Bob Davison and Katharine Kimball • Teddy and Alice Deane • Jennifer deGroot and Jason Ontjes • Honora Dent • Bill and Joyce Dewey • Thomas and Lisa DiGiorgio • Barbara Dingfield • Eric and Tracy Dobmeier • Robin and Tom Donnelly • David Dotlich and Doug Elwood • Jerry and Marilyn Eisner • Michael and Linda Elder • James Ellis • Deborah and David Engebretson • Tamsin and James Erickson • Herb Ershig • Sherry and Peter Ettel • Warren Finch • James Foote and Nannette Simpson* • Mike Forrester and Barbara Purrington • Barbara French • Joseph Gardner and Katie Harrison-Gardner • Peggy Gerlock and Phil Johnson • James Goetz and Francie Rutherford • Frederick Goodman • Google Matching Gifts Program • Greg and Valerie Gorder • Dan and Helen Green • Nancy Green • Don and Georgann Greene • Kip and Stanley Greenthal • Vicki Griebling • Jack and Lindy Groban • Pegi Groundwater and Mike Moss • Deborah Haensli and Randy Dixon • David and Anne Hall • Richard Hall • Michelline Halliday • Julie Hansen and Gloria Medina • Margarite Hargrave • Sarah Hart • John Healy and Michele Catalano • Dan Henke and Adair Dammann • David Henry and Wendy Shuttleworth • Henryk and Melora Hiller • Michael Hilty • Mike and Rochelle Hogan • George Hoke • Diana and George Holland • Jon and Marion Hookstratten • Steve and Gail Hopley • Lynne Hoverson • Josh Hoyt and Diane Fraiman • Nancy Hulbirt • Julie and Tom Hull • Douglas and Christine Hunt • Lisa and Buddy Ide • Craig Illman • Donna and David Ince • Island Investments Inc. • Island Market • Paul and Theresa Jackson • Abram and Carole Jacobson • Rich and Marcia Jimenez • Lucie Johns • Gerald Johnson and Linda Larson • Rodney Johnson • Sam and Sandy Johnston • Gail Joice • Lynne Jordan • Richard and Olive Kaden • Richard and Ann Kaiser • David and Carol Kampert • Tricia Keegan and Tom Lennon • Bruce Kerr and Ann Patterson • Carol and James Kibble • Peter and Rebecca Kilpatrick • Alice King • Eugene and Barbara Kiver • Jacob and Ingrid Kjelstrup • Jon and Diane Knoll • Christina Koons and Jim McIntire • Ken Kortge • David and Susan Kosiur • Daniel and Lisa Kubiske • Von and Elizabeth Kuehn • Kristie Kujawski • Jim and Sherry Ladd • Mark and Susie Lamon • Nancy Larsen • Morten Lauridsen and Eun Kim • Claudette Lestenkof • Donald and Deborah Leu • Nancy Lind • Kathleen and Jeff Lindenbaum • Stan Love • David and Tisch Lynch • Susan and Robert Lynch • Mary Lyon • Alex MacLeod and Kathy Williams • Paul and Tara MacMahon • Thomas Main • Richard and Eleanor Mallchok • Barbara Marrett and William Watson • Diane Martindale and Stephen Bowman • Craig and Caryol Mathiesen • Stanley and Karen Mayhew • Chuck and DT McCarty • Sarah McCoy and Jim Buchanan • Mareka McCullough • Fielding McGeehee and Rebecca Moore • Patti McKeehan • Ruth E. McNally • Doug and Thelma McTavish • Medtronic • Stewart and Barbara Mehlman • Janis Mercker • Mary and Jon Metzger • Wendolyn Michnay • John Miller • Charlie Mills • The Moffett Family • JoEllen Moldoff • Greg and Lorraine Morrell • Jean Moughtin* • Matthew and Nina Mullett • Pamela Murphy • Nest • Chelsea Nesvig • Nora and Stuart Nickum • Frank Nieman and Linnea Wahamaki • Katy and Jim Nollman • Arlan and Diane Norman • Stephen Nute • Greg and Heather Dew Oaksen • Charles and Rita O’Clair • Sharon O’Grady • Keith Oldham • Barbara Omalev • Maura O’Neill and Vaho Rebassoo • David Ortland and Hilary Barnes • Barbara Otis • Gloria and Len Otto • PACCAR Technical Center • Pacific Cascade Services • Anne Pallinger • Ellen Pardee • Alan and Anays Parsons • Luanne Pasik and Kent Gale • Cheryl Peach • Philip and Kitty Pearson • Louise Perlman • John and Laura Peters • David Peterson • Kathy Peterson and Daniel Mosby • Niel and Dianne Pfundt • Carolyn Phillips • Anne and Colin Phipps • Mark and Lucinda Pierce • Bob and Becky Pohlad • William and Jennifer Pollard • PP Holdings LLC • Thane and Linda Pratt • The Quest for Truth Foundation • Cameron and Tori Ragen • Rosalie Ramsden • Doug and Barb Ray • Chris and Alexis Reed • Tom Reynolds and Mariluz Villa • James and Kim Rice • Mary Rice • William Riker • Peter and Susan Risser • Barbara Ro • DeAnn and Richard Roames • David Roberts • Roche Harbor Resort • Craig Romano • Barry and Jannice Rose • Patty and John Rose • Jordan Rosenfeld and Linda Lubow • Sarah Ross • Earlene and Arlin Rothauge • Martha Rust • Martha Salot • San Juan Kayak Expeditions Inc. • Barbara Sanborn • Margaret Schaaf and Stuart Dunwoody • Margot Schenet • Dennis and Sandra Schilling • Stephan Schneider and Michele Morrissey • Mary Schorsch • Jennifer and Dan Schroeder • Mark and Marlene Schuck • Sandra Schugren • Kurt and Elizabeth Schwalbe • Scott and Susan Schwinge • Roy and Karen Schwitters • Janice Sears and Tom Brown • Win and Barb Seipp • Brenda Sellers • Lona Sepessy and Scott Jamieson • Alex Shapiro and Dan Shelley • Shell Oil Company • Myla Sherburne and Craig Canine • Ruth Shuster • Fred and Ellie Silverstein • Gerald and Alice Simmons • Douglas Smith and Stephanie Ellis-Smith • Jan Snyder • Mary Solum • John and Rhonda Sommer • Kent Sooter and Cheryl Opalski • Marion Speidel • Bob and Jeanne Spreen • William Stinson • Michael and Joanne Stoner • Sharon Stroble and Susan Dyer • Ed and Carol Strum • Janet and Mark Stuckey • Darryl Swenson and Carol Merrifield • Michael Swindling and Kristine Trulin • Dave and Nancy Teal • Theodore Thomas • Joe Thoron • Cynthia Todd and David Cheyette • Aimee Truchard and Jesse Rothstein • William and Kathleen Tudor • Eric Vallieres and Christine Lee • Margaret and Kurt Vance • Maggie Walker • John and Terry Walsh • Bernie Walz and Jodie Chapman • Richard and Linda Ward • Len and Stephanie Warden • Carol Ways and Robert Kruzel • Craig and Eva Weaver • Tom Weeks and Deb Oyer • Matthew and Marianne Wells • Shann Weston and Steve Porten • Jonathan White • David and Barbara Whitridge • Terry Whittier • Bert and Cathie Wicklund • Clay Wilcox • Lynn and Rana Wilcox • Ron and Roz Horder Williams • Peter Willing • Bob Wilson • Dan and Joann Wilson • David and Joanne Witiak • Susan and Gregory Woirol • Thomas and Marcia Wood • Woodmen of the World/Assured Life Association • David Yelle • Jim and Kathy Youngren • Kate Yturri and Lynn Caton • Les and Judith Zorb

1 to 4 YEARS

Stewart and Luanne Abercrombie • Loretta Adams • Blaise Aguera Y Arcas • Paul and Marty Ahart • Gigi and Jim Allaway • Gretchen Allison and Patrick Kirby • American Gift Fund • Angela Anderson and Adam Griesemer • Graham and Susan Anderson • Karen N. and Bradley C. Andonian • Lauren Angotti • Scott Angus and Leslie Schwartz • Anonymous (2) • Brynn Arborico • Colleen Armstrong • Peg Armstrong-Gustafson • John Arnesen • Jeffrey and Claire Arrowsmith • Lisa Aspessi • Christy Avery • Richard and Kathy Babbitt • Badgley and Phelps • Bainbridge Community Foundation • Richard J. and Elizabeth P. Baird • Baird Foundation • Ben Bama • Bank of America Charitable Gift Fund • Geoffrey and Anne Barker • Christopher Barley • Paul Baron and Paula Wilson • Cynthia and James Barrett • Debra Bassett • Lenore Bayuk and John Stamey • Be The Change • Constance Bean • Doug Beebe • Jeffrey Beeman • Brian and Laurie Bell • Richard and Elizabeth Bell • Chuck and Suzie Beringer • Bonnie Berk and Larry Kessler • Donald Bird • The Blackbaud Giving Fund • BNY Mellon Charitable Gift Fund • Jean Bodenstab • Rebecca Bogard • Sheila Bolka • Bonfire • Lincoln and Cyndi Bormann • Clara Borner • Niko Borner • Lee and Lisa Boynton • Rodney Brandt and Nannette Crowell • David and Leslie Brazeau • Donald and Kathleen Breazeal • Martha H. Breed • Paul and Sherrie Brentson • Doris Brevoort • David and Leslie Brown • Emma and Todd Brown • Brownstein Family Foundation • Rachel Brumer • Kenneth Brusic • Susan Bugge • Peter and Lilla Burgess • Galen and Birch Burghardt • Mike Burke • Sandi Burt • Charles and Madeleine Butcher • Ian and Mary Anne Butcher • Lindsey Callahan • Cathryn Campbell • Paula and Kenneth Campbell • Nancy Canino • Charlene Caren • Kimberly Carlson and Larry Shatuck • Katie Cassidy and Alan Mooers • Ana Mari Cauce and Susan Joclyn • Karlaine and Earl Caudill • Kevin Ceder • Linda Cheever • Karl Christensen • Peter and Cherie Christensen • Dee Christoff and Chris Wilke • Nathaniel D. Chu • David Chudzik • Anita Clark • Richard Clarke • Nick Cohen • Tim Collins • Community Foundation of Jackson Hole • Robert Coneybeer • Jim Connell • Barbara and Robert Conta • Diane Cook and Gerald Zyskowski • Nancy Cook and Thomas Berninghausen • Patrick and Gretchen Cook • Gregory and Erin Coomer • Megan Crandell and Pablo Paz • Michael and Sunny Crandell • Frank and Peggy Cregor • Rob Crissinger • Mary Bywater Cross • Tim and Karla Cross • Tim and Michelle Currier • Gerri Dale • Joanna D’Asaro and Bert Bradley • Carole Davis and Brud Joslin • Davis Bay Farm, LLC • Gregg Day and Debra Fabiaschi • Saskia de Jonge • Mary Ellen de la Pena • Marcia deChadenedes • Dehn Family • Jodie and Dennis DeMuth • Deupree Family Foundation • Nancy Devine • Julianne Dickelman and Lawrence Maes • Doris Dickinsen • Jane Dill • James and Laura Donald • Molly Doran and Drew Cline • Lindsay Douglass • Karla Drewsen • Alvin and Malinda Dreyer • James Dunbar • Todd and Julie Dunnington • Harry Dursch • Moonie Edwards • Victoria Edwards and Paul Rudd • David and Sandra Eichner • Philip and Janice Ekstrom • Ronen Elad and Emma Timmins-Schiffman • David Ellifrit • Anne Ellis and Tom Atkins • Ellison Foundation • Paul Elsner and Pamela Beery-Elsner • Christoph and Mary- Clayton Enderlein • David and Margaret Enslow • Marc Epstein • William and Martha Erikson Foundation • John and Colleen Evans • Mary Evans • Mike Ewanciw • Robb Farr • Fidelity Brokerage Services, LLC • Kim and Brenan Filippini • Bradley and Debra Fincher • Samuel Fleischmann and Sandra Demars • The Ford Family Foundation • Jon Foro and Mari Lynne Malcolm • Faynetta Fort and Paul O’Kelly • Albert and Bridget Foster • Lisbeth Francis • Luci Francis • Jonathan and Louise Franklin • Franklin Templeton Charitable Giving Program • Robert and Sandra Friel • Kimberly, Nacer, and Theo Gacem • Kate Galbraith • Joseph Galdamez • Denise Garcia and Eric Schmidt • Patricia Garcia • Mark and Beth Gasser • Mimi Gardner Gates • Chris and Carol George • Melanie Gibson • Christopher and Julie Giebel • Eliza Gihtis • Albert Giorgi • Matt Giroux • Julie Golding and Pamela Stewart • Elena Good • John Goodfellow • Gena Gorasht • Alexander Gounares • Travis Grafe • Drew and Stacy Graham • Jack Grazia • Greater Horizons • Hans Griem and Michelle Oh • Edward and Elaine Griffin • Marc and Kelli Grotle • Judi Hahnel • Marty and Gail Haines • Joanne Halverson • Willard Hamilton and Mariya Porten • George and Linda Hammons • Reed and Brigitte Hansen • Barry and Brenda Hanson • Jeffrey and Debra Hanson • Max and Jessica Hanson • Thomas Harley and Caroline Hanson • Tammy Harper • Jane and Paul Hart • Laura Hartner • Drew Harvell and Charles Greene • Hayley and Joseph Hatten • Christopher, Jennifer, Lauren and Ethan Havel • Mark and Nancy Heacox • Don and Kathleen Heino • Karin Hendrickson • Jim Hennessey • Glenn Herlihy • Alice Rose Hibberd • Pat Highet • Steve and Judy Hill • Ann Hirschi • Gerald and Lena Hirschler • Michael P. Hobi • John Hoedemaker • Steven Hoedemaker • Amy Beth and Toby Holmes • Miriam Holt • Rick Holt • Karen Homitz • Horizon House • John Howell and Claire Powers • Josh Hoyt and Diane Fraiman • Christine Hsu and Kevin Evans • Raymond Hunt • Jean Hyde • Roscoe Ide • Liz Illg • Independent Charitable Gift Fund • Intel Corporation • Isabel’s Espresso • Julie Iverson • Paul and Theresa Jackson • Joan Jaffee-Miller and Will Miller • David James • Cheryl Jennings • Jeremy and Lauren Jennings • Scott and Susan Jennings • Dana Jewell • Rich and Marcia Jimenez • Jeffrey Johnson and Rebecca Smith • Mark Johnson and Kathleen Malley • Patricia Johnson • Samuel Johnson • Teresa and Richard Johnson • Donald and Jennifer Johnston • Jane Johnston • Lydia Johnston • Russell Jung • Jakob and Cheryl Juntunen • John and Maureen Karl • Bradley Keel and Leanne Tretwold-Keel • Robert Keel• Neal Keller • Barrett Kennedy and Peggy Reily • Julia Kerl • Bill Killien • Alice King • Sean Kirk • Jake Knapp and Holly Warren • Robert Knowles • Jan Knudson • Christof Koch • Matthew and Shanna Koepp • Marta Krogstad • Marian Krough • Myron and Susan Krueger • Jonathan W. Kusner • Carol Laherty • Lorena and Leonard Landon • Andrew Landry • Kevin and Lisa Lange • David and Andrea Larsen • Robbie Lawson • Tom Lebovsky • Bill LeDrew and Jane Fuller • Kevin and Christine Lee • Don and Susan Leff • Michael Linehan • Mark and Kelly Linnemann • Ann Lister • John and Lorraine Littlewood • Kenneth and Elizabeth Long • Alison Longley • Mike and Lisa Losh • Jennifer Love • Eric Lucas • Laura Lucas • Bryan Luce and Marie Michnich • Sheila Lukehart • Martha Lunbeck • Lykes Knapp Family Fund • Mark and Frances Lyle • Scott and Barbara Machol • Ian Macrae • Marc Madenwald • Kathleen Magnuson • Patricia Maharam • John Mahoney • Mike and Nuna Malaspina • Timothy Malone • Tabitha Marks • Katherine Marshak • Diane Martindale and Stephen Bowman • Craig and Caryol Mathiesen • Frederick Matsen • Brian and Leasa Mayer • Douglas and Miriam McCarville • Lillian McDonell and Carole Blakey • Sharon McGill and David Hughes • James and Mary McGregor • Ian M. McKinley • Sandy Melzer and Ellen Evans • Jason Mercado • Amy Mertl • Eugene and Annette Metzger • Allison Meyer • Microsoft Alumni Network • Barbara and Richard Miller • Doug Miller and Eric Underwood • Stephen Mitchell • John and Allison Moalli • Denise Molner and Sally Heth • Bill Moody • Chris Moore • Dan Moos* and Pat Peacock* • Christopher and Nancy Morgan • Morgan Stanley • David Moser • Matthew and Eden Moss • Day and Kathie Mount • Mountaineers Books • Mud Bay Tree Farm, Inc. • Signe and Chris Mullen • Marlene and Leo Muller • Cynthia Mulligan • Pamela Murphy • Meghan Nadeau • Robert and Jeanne Naiman • Theresa Nester • Netflix Employee Giving • Walter Nickel • Donald and Melissa Nielsen • Kirt and Lisa Nilsson • Phil Noelke and Lorilee Houston • Michael Noonan • Nordstrom • Nancy and Tony Nugent • Bruce Nyden • Sierra O’Connell • Elizabeth and Glen Olsheim • Neal and Kim Olson • One Tree Planted • Orcas Island Community Foundation • Orcas Island School District No. 137 • The Oregon Community Foundation • Andrea Osborne • Ann Osterberg • Christopher Overly • Sarah Owens • Mara Page • Rita Pampinin • Brittany, Justin, Jackson and Graylynd Parsons • Francesca Pascolini • Asifa Pasin • Keyuri Patel • Camille and Dirk Paulsen • Tim and Valeska Pawlak • Mark Pearson • Mark Pedelty and Karen Miksch • Lisa Pedersen • Dan Pepper and Jannat Gargi • Lily Perera • Deborah Person • Phillip and Katie Person • Dick and Kathy Petrait • Richard Petrick • Bob and Jeanne Pfister • Ginger Phalen • Nicole Phipps • Scott Plank and Corina Hardin • Joe Plattner • Carol Poliak • John and Lauren Pollard • Colleen Ponto • Team Poor • James Porter and Polly Burke • Caren Potter and Sue Grenfell • Alexander Prater and Gaea Haymaker • Maximilian Press • Daniel Promislow and Leslie Kean • Rod Pyle • Alysson Pytte • Jim and Carol Raabe • Georgia Ragsdale • Jahanara Rahman • Aldis Raisters • Inese Raisters • Rosalie Ramsden • Steven A. Rath • Matthew Ray • Tyler Reents • Andrew and Patricia Reid • Garrett Reisman and Simone Francis • Craig and Jane Reynolds • Claudia Rice • Bill and Patrice Richards • James and Joanne Richardson • Robyn Ricks • Mark Rieder and Barb Steffens • Corinne and Shane Rieniets • Michael Riordan • Cal and Maureen Rivelle • Anna Roberts and Daniel Wesolowski • Todd and Jenny Roberts • John Robertson • Michael and Barbie Robertson • Stephen S. and Virginia E. Roehl • Catherine Rogers • John and Catherine Rogers • Louise and Joseph Rosa • Bernice H. Rosenthal* Estate • Byron Rot • Michael Rozzi • Rick and Bonnie Rule • Katherine and Joe Ryan • Sandy Ryan • Karla Sabin • Alessandra Salatti • Elie Samuel • Richard Saunders • David and Becki Sawyer • Roger Schip • Dieter and Lucrecia Schulz • Kurt and Elizabeth Schwalbe • Jan and Matthew Scilipoti • Karen Scott • Sear Family Foundation • Seattle Seahawks • Abbey and Darrin Seeds • Brenda Sellers • Sue Shattuc and Merritt Raitt • Strath Shepard • Madeline Sheplor and Charles Jabbora • Dan Shih and Ted MacGovern • Gordon Shriver • Lars Sjoholm • Sharon Sjostrom • Dale and Laurie Slater • Phil and Karen Sluiter • Charlotte Smith • Douglas Smith • Norm and Kathy Smith • Juliann Smitt • Paul and Joanie Snorsky • Sybrina Soga • Amy and Kenneth Sommers • Kent Sooter and Cheryl Opalski • The Springcreek Foundation • Rebeccah Sproat and Kurt Hermanns • Benjamin Squire • Johann and Marcia Starke • Jill and Teric Staton • Marcia Barrow Stone • Daniel Stratton • Robert Strauss and Christine Ingersoll • Streamside Renewables • Stephen and Susan Stricker • Sheila Strickland • Robert and Lisa Sudar • Christopher Sutton and Katherine Long • Daniel and Laurie Jo Svilar • Chad and Jennifer Swanson • Anne Synnes • Robert Taylor • Nick and Susie Teague • Phil Terzian • Leanne and Douglas Thomas • Louise Mitchell Thompson • Erin and Ian Timms • TisBest Philanthropy • Bob Tobias • Bruce Tobias • Thomas and Melanie Tucker • Ian and Becky Tully • Two Sigma • UBS Financial Services • United Way of the Columbia-Willamette • U.S. Charitable Gift Trust • Vanguard Charitable • John and Jiannina VanLund • Astrid VanZon and Mark Vaccaro • Leslie and Val Veirs • Michel Vekved • William Vickery • Gabriel Villenave • Yasmin and Adam von Dassow • Momo Vuyisich • David Wahl • Carol Wales • Cass Walker • Judy and Larry Walker • Leslie Walker • Valerie Wall • Jason and Vera Ward • Greg and Roseanne Ware • Peter and Barbara Wasserman • William and Patricia Watson • Laurie Weckel • Amanda Wedow • Julia Weese-Young • Jeffrey Wells • Carl Wester and Elizabeth Riggs • Shann Weston and Steve Porten • Dale and Sharon Wheatley • Wheeler Foundation • Corinne and Gordon Whitaker • Norman and Mari Whitaker • Tina Whitman • Terry Whittier • Trent Wieburg • Abby and Henry Wilder • Eileen Willett • Christopher and Susan Williams • Claire Williams and Will Wilder • John and Becky Williamson • Willowmoor Foundation • Janett Wingett • Michael and Elizabeth Wingren • Jim Winninghoff and Anne Derome • Max and Marcia Witter • Samantha Woirol • Justin and Christina Wolfe • Jennifer Woodbridge • Thomas and Elyse Woodruff • Jeff and Korynne Wright • Hal Wyman • Sheryl Wytchak • Marcus and Linda Yamane • YourCause LLC • Sarah Zablocki-Axling • Henry and Therese Zemel • David and Mary Zeretzke • Dana Zia • Frederick Zimmerman and Sarah Stein • Jeremy Zucker • Stephen Zuckerman • George Zweibel and Brenda Johnson


People who notify us that they have provided for the San Juan Preservation Trust in their estate plans are members of our Gann Society. We are grateful to the following members of the Gann Society, who have taken the remarkable step to help preserve our islands into the future:

Eric and Audra Adelberger • Kathryn Alexandra • Andrea and Erik Anderson • Christian and Lea Andrade • Jon Avent • Amanda Azous and Joe Franetic • Frank Bayley • Thomas Bayley • Paul Beaudet and David Wertheimer • Barbara G. Bedell • Barbara Bentley • Patricia Bolding • Willy and Vreni Borner • Janet M. Burke • Ferdi Businger • Jim and Nancy Caleshu • Cathryn Campbell • Craig Canine and Myla Sherburne • John Carl • Glenn and Sharon Carter • Joseph J. Cohen and Martha P. Farish • Irmgard Conley • Barbara Courtney • Sarah Crosby • Alan and Janet Davidson • Dean Dougherty • Lorraine Dukes • Geoff and Jennifer Dunbar • Allison Elder • Douglas and Catherine Ellis • Charles Givens • Malcolm Goodfellow • Joe and Nancy Greene • Robert H. Grimm and Helen Winkler • Michael and Gale Gropp • Sven Haarhoff and Allison Shadday • Thor Hanson • Leighanne Harris • Carolyn Haugen • Cynthia J. Hawkins • Anne M. Hay • Bob and Pat Jester • Sara Jane Johnson • Keith and Ann Jones • Steve Jung and Susan McBain • Prudence Kaye • Clare and Ed Kelm • Pat Kimble • Babs Klee and Ralph Pease • Lorraine Lewis • Bob and Laurie Liebmann • Rick and Meredith Machin • Sue Madison • Pamela McCabe • Steve and Barbara McKeon • Judy Meyer and Gene Helfman • Steven and Mary Miller • Margaret Mills • Katherine B. Mottola • Ted Noll • Joann Otto • Leslie Parrish • Mark Pedelty and Karen Miksch • Thom Pence • David and Cherill Perera • Jon and Amy Perera • Lily Perera • Michael Popiwny and Paul Koopman • Dianne Pressenda and Dan Harris • John and Priscilla Privat • Georgia Ragsdale • Bob Roseburg • Barbara Rosenkotter and Tye Tyson • Lisa Salisbury • Eliot and Tina Scull • Janice Sears and Thomas Brown • Tim Seifert and Sonya Erickson • Alex Shapiro • Steve and Nan Simpson • Sam Stitt and Kathryn Jakutis • Marcia Barrow Stone • Catherine Strauss • Erin M. Timms • Joe and Sally Todd • Keith and Jane Wentworth • Carol and John Whetten • Peter Willing
Plus 12 individuals/families who wish to remain anonymous


During the past year, the San Juan Preservation Trust has been notified of, or has received, bequests from the estates of these farsighted individuals:

  • Wanda Broadie Alexander
  • Barbara Lowe Brown
  • William V. Burlingame
  • Emily and Sam Connery
  • Robert W. Lundeen
  • Velma V. McKelvey
  • Dan Moos and Pat Peacock
  • Jean Moughtin
  • Hazel J. O’Brien
  • Bernice H. Rosenthal
  • M. “Jerry” Schultz
  • June H. Vynne

To view “Virtual Memorials” of these and other visionary people who have left legacies benefitting the San Juan Islands, visit


Gerry Adamson • Nancy Alboucq • Asterio • Travis S. B. Bassett • Anne Bement • Mark Blau • Barbara Brown • Marshall Bugge • Paul Bushue • Peter Businger • Helen G. Canine • Barbara Cantwell • Nancy Cleveland • Laura Coffey • Jay Collins • David Grant Porter Cooper • Walt Corbin • Lawrence and Kay Craig • John K. Crosby • Philip Daniel • Constance Jean Dowling • Fred and Marilyn Ellis • Don and Rita Fisher • Barbara Fleming • Martha Fuller • Ernie and Dodie Gann • Yale Gifford • Robert Eugene Grazia • Nonie and Don Hall • Dale and Ann Hazen • Jack Helsell • Morris Hendrickson • Helen Hill • Lyman and Gretchen Hull • Francine Jahnke • Walter S. Kimball • Marcie Kirschbaum • Gene Knapp • Beatrice Kroesche • Judy D. Lucas • Walter MacGinitie • Harold and Dorothy McCarville • Philip McCracken • Don McVay • Kenneth Geront Mikle • Don Miksch • John C. and Gladys Miller • Peter Mott • Lorraine Pai • Mary Pease • Luann Perkins • Oliver Press • Karyn Price • Brooks Ragen • Cheryl Ripley • Marion Sanders • Robert Schaedler • Mary Kaye Scheldt • David and Marcia Simpson • Rob Simpson • Antoni and Gwen Sobieralski • Linda Steerman • Eric Stein • Betty Stevens • Babette Stewart • Else Stitt • Alice Sweigert • Peter O. Ways • Bob and Mary Weaver • Vida Wight • Welles Wiley • Melissa Williams


Aaron and Joan • Audra Adelberger • Eric and Audra Adelberger • Erik and Andrea Anderson • Brad and Karen Andonian • Beth Blanchard-Smith • The Bradley Family • Janet Brownell and Lance Evans • Sara Hiebert Burch • Nancy and Dave Carlstrom • John Carpenter • Ana Mari Cauce • Chris Chapeta and Alisa • Lars Christensen • Debby Clausen • Climate Scholarship Winners • Cohn Children • Jonathan C. Cook • Brett Cooper • Chase Cooper • Reid Edward Porter Cooper • Barbara Courtney • Elizabeth Crosby and Nick Williams • Richard Daly • Norm Davis • Ruthie Dougherty • James Dunbar • Susan Emerson • Jillian Evans • Kathleen Foley • Bill and Karen Forbes • Tom Forbes • Kimberly, Nacer and Theo Gacem • Mark Gasser • Nancy Green • Chris and Amy Gulick • Gregg and Peg Gustafson • Dave and Tammy Harper • Eleanor Hartman • Tom Hashbarger • Flynn and Lydia Hatten • Carolyn Haugen • Christopher, Jennifer, Lauren and Ethan Havel • Peter Homann • Jacquelyn Douglas Hubbard • Keith and Ann Jones • Steve Jung and Susan McBain • Cheryl Juntunen • Beatrice Kroesche • Lisa and Dan Kubiske • Fritz Levy and Nancy Taylor • Sarah, Zachary and Gabriel Levy • Bill Lo • Gary Machlis • Malcolm B. Madenwald • Bob and Dianne Marshak • Adrian Mast-Drolet • Gary Mertl • Nicole Mills and Alex Concha • Monya Noelke • Enzo Ott-McGee • Kelly Overly and Eliot Drucker • Brittany, Justin, Jackson and Graylynd Parsons • David and Cherill Perera • Maddie Qwreigh • Erik Raisters • Tom and Sally Reeve • Ann Sanchez • Sarah, Camille, Keith and Pete • Alex Shapiro • Phil Sherburne • Colleen Simmons • Babette Stewart • Sam and Lucy Sullivan • Valerie Tarico • Eric Vallieres • Val and Leslie Veirs • Jeanne Verville • Janet Vogelzang and Mark Cliggett • June and Sunny Vynne • Bob and Kathie Ward • Julian Washington • Chris Wilke • Claire Williams and Will Wilder • Paul and Paula Williams • Marcia Wood


Thank you to this past year’s volunteers, who embody and advance our mission by giving generously of their time, talents, and cheerful application of elbow grease.

Don Adams • Susan Adams • Shona Aitken • Jim Allaway • Sophie Allen • Erik Anderson • Kramer Baisch • Ann Ballard • Ben Bama • Sam Barr • Eric Beckman • Jill Belcovson • Nancy Best • Elizabeth Blanton • Skip Bold • Sheila Bolka • Barry Boone • Andrew Borner • Nikolai Borner • Vreni Borner • Willy Borner • Cynthia Brast-Bormann • David Brazeau • Leslie Brazeau • Jeff Brennan • Brian Brodish • Stephanie Brown • Tom Brown • Kristin Buckley • Troy Buckley • Mike Burke • Cathleen Burns • Paula Campbell • Craig Canine • Erin Casellas-Kennedy • Judith Chovan • Cherie Christensen • Erin Christie • Brian Clark • Tim Clark • Diane Clifton • Daniel Clingaman • Janet Clingaman • Joe Cohen • Parin Columna • Barbara Courtney • Tom Cowan • Megan Crandell • Frank Cregor • Connor Davidage • Jessica Dixon • Ruthie Dougherty • Eileen Drath • Georgia Drost • David Duggins • Geoff Dunbar • Amelia Eltinge • Grace Eltinge • Bill Engle • Klaudia Englund • Kirsten Erickson • Debbi Fincher • Luke Fincher • David Finholm • Kathy Finholm • Ben Floyd • Evan Foley • Luci Francis • Martha Fuller • Arin Gallagher • Michael Gallagher • Mike Galligan • Denise Garcia • Joanne Gerry • Charles Givens • Gretchen Glaub • Raymond Glaze • Phil Green • Nancy Greene • Jack Groban • Mary Gropp • Steve Gropp • Michelline Halliday • Thor Hanson • Sarah Hart • Drew Harvell • Maya Heikkinen • Joseph Herrin • Sara Hiebert Burch • Patrick Holahan • Ladd Holroyd • Bard Horton • Catherine Houck • Blake Hough • Shaun Hubbard • Alice Hurd • Emma Jacobs • Elani Johns • Joshua Johns • Orion Johns • Ellen Jones • Tim Jones • Brud Joslin • Todd Kaden • Ingrid Karnikis • Keith Keyser • Adrian Kilpatrick • Peter Kilpatrick • Jan Knudson • Marianne Kooiman • Ken Kortge • Lisa Lange • Lisa Lawrence • Erin Licata • Ross Lockwood • Eric Loss • Brett Marl • Chester Marl • Jack Marl • Dani Martin • Shanley McEntee • Patrick McEvoy • Dave McGraw • Steve McKenna • James Mcluen • John Meenk • Judith Meyer • Wendolyn Michnay • Wendy Mickle • Barbara Miller • Mary Miller • Carol Miner • Shannon Miniken • Raylee Minikin • Mackenzie Myers • Elizabeth Myhr • Michael Noonan • Cloud Oakes • Sean O’Connell • Joann Otto • Barbara Parnes • Thom Pence • Susan Poirot • Michael Popiwny • Laylah Raisdana • Kathleen Raub • Chris Reed • Kevin Reeves • Eileen Reid • Harry Reid • Wesley Rich • Chinmayo Ricketts • Bruce Robertson • Patricia Rose • Barbara Rosenkotter • Joshua Rosenquist • Dylan Ross • Byron Rot • Francie Rutherford • Michelle Savoie • Eric Schmidt • Barbara Schnabel • Randy Schnabel • Henry Schroeder • Mike Schroeder • Janice Sears • Tim Seifert • Barbara Seipp • Myla Sherburne • Philip Sherburne • Dave Shill • Karen Shill • Amy Sprenger • Carson Sprenger • Cornelius Sprenger • Sally Stapp- Brigham • Johann Starke • Dustin Stephens • Charles Stitt • John Strathman • Sam Sullivan • Stacie Tangney • Margo Thorp • Kristin Tolle • Camille Uhlir • Robert Walker • Paul Walsh • Jane Wentworth • Keith Wentworth • John Whetten • Robert Wilson • Carmen Wolflisberg • Jennifer Woodbridge • Ian Woofenden • Erin Wygant

A Dozen Ways You Can Help Protect Special Island Places

  1. Become a member (or renew) by using the enclosed envelope.
  2. Donate online at
  3. Donate appreciated stock.
  4. Set up automated monthly contributions.
  5. Give through your donor advised fund.
  6. Give in honor or in memory of someone special.
  7. Add the San Juan Preservation Trust as a beneficiary of your retirement plan.
  8. Provide a donation with an IRA charitable rollover.
  9. Include the Preservation Trust in your will.
  10. Introduce a friend to your favorite SJPT preserve.
  11. Donate land or a conservation easement.
  12. Volunteer.

Board of Trustees

Erik Anderson – Henry Island
Willy Borner, Treasurer – Shaw Island
Tom Cowan – Lopez Island
David Duggins – San Juan Island
Geoff Dunbar – San Juan Island
Charles Givens – Lopez Island
Nancy Greene – Lopez Island
Jack Groban – Orcas Island
Sarah Hart, Secretary – San Juan Island
Peter Kilpatrick – San Juan Island
Judy Meyer – Lopez Island
Mary Miller – Orcas Island
Joann Otto – San Juan Island
Michael Popiwny – San Juan Island
Barbara Rosenkotter, Vice President – Orcas Island
Phil Sherburne – Decatur Island
Camille Uhlir – San Juan Island
Keith Wentworth, President – San Juan Island
John Whetten – Lopez Island


Angela Anderson, Executive Director
Kristin Buckley, Director of Philanthropy
Troy Buckley, Land Steward
Craig Canine, Director of Communications & Outreach
Dean Dougherty, Director of Stewardship
Ruthie Dougherty, Curator/Interpretive Specialist
Vickie Edwards, Conservation Director
Meghan Howard, Land Steward
Kathleen Foley Lewis, Conservation Project Manager
Rob Roy McGregor, Land Steward
Sierra O’Connell, Volunteer & Outreach Coordinator
Thom Pence, Red Mill Farm Caretaker
Alden Remington, Waldron Island Caretaker
Jill Staton, Development Associate
Elaina and Thyatira Thompson, Vendovi Island Caretakers
Tom Tidyman, Director of Operations & Finance
Marianne Tynan, Office Manager