Island Dispatch | Fall 2020


Partnering to Protect Shoreline for Salmon and Orca Recovery

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An innovative partnership between the San Juan Preservation Trust and Friends of the San Juans (Friends) has been quietly gaining momentum over the past few years. Working with interested private waterfront landowners, the collaborative project brings much-needed attention and resources to the permanent protection of shoreline habitat to support salmon recovery.

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Dean Dougherty at Prospective Conservation Property | STEVE JUNG


Since the start of the pandemic, we have kept on keeping on the Preservation Trust’s work, which you so generously support. The biggest change for us these past several months has been our inability to see and talk with you in person. We’ve missed you!

Despite the need to maintain distance, we’ve done our best to find new ways to stay in touch. Many of you have told us you’ve enjoyed our “Just a Minute” videos, Zoom-powered Annual Meeting, and Dr. Drew Harvell’s virtual tour of False Bay (see it at We’ve also heard from many of you about how important having actual, physical access to our preserves has been as places to seek respite in nature.

We hope to hear from you soon with your renewed support for the work we do together. In a few weeks, your Annual Membership Appeal will arrive. This year’s letter is from our Stewardship Director, Dean Dougherty. After 18 years with the Preservation Trust, Dean has developed an insider’s perspective on special island places—both those that we have protected and many others that we haven’t (yet). In his letter, he writes about a “secret” island treasure we are currently working on. Please look for Dean’s letter and heed his request swiftly and generously. Thank you!

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Against all odds, we forged ahead with our 2020 summer internship program—and we’re so glad we did! Our two chosen candidates, Emma Jacobs and Georgia Drost, spent the first two weeks of their six-week internship quarantining at the Ellis Preserve on Shaw Island. Fortunately, both of them thrived in the preserve’s splendid isolation, seizing the opportunity to begin the first of several projects that made the weeks seem to fly by.

We selected this year’s interns with the idea that they’d expand our capacity for visual storytelling through video. Georgia came to us as a Film and Television major (minoring in Environmental Studies and Photography) at Columbia College Chicago. Emma drove to the San Juans from Colorado, where she’s majoring in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology and Film Production at CU Boulder. The two had never met before, but proved to have complementary skills and developed a working rapport that was a joy to see in action.

We’re as pleased as could be with the projects they completed during their time with us— which both of them decided to extend beyond their internship term, continuing to apply their creative talents as SJPT volunteers for an additional month.

Go to to see a showcase of their inspirational work with us.

Emma (left) and Georgia Shooting at Zylstra Lake Preserve | Staff Archive