Ruthie Dougherty, Ellis Preserve Curator, writes:

Two years ago, faced with some unusual projects at the Marilyn and Fred Ellis Preserve on Shaw Island, I reached out to a friend of the Preservation Trust, long-time Shaw resident Skip Bold. “Retired” and living in Port Townsend at the time, Skip graciously agreed to stop by for a look when he was next on Shaw. Today, Skip again lives on the island, and his signature is on many completed tasks at the preserve, from carefully archived maritime history, functioning plumbing, and unstuck doors, to hand-carved signs and gate latches.

Skip’s experience as a contractor, mariner, historian, and designer have been invaluable, but it is his enthusiasm, approachability, and calm competence that again and again have left me at a loss for how to adequately say “thank you.” The many hours Skip has invested at the preserve is a reflection of his deep love for all things Shaw. As a boy, his interests in boating, steam engines, island history and natural history endeared him to many an “old-timer,” and he is a trove of stories and fond recollections.

Like his friends Dorothy and Ernest Graham (donors of SJPT’s Graham Preserve), Robert Ellis Jr. (donor of UW’s Cedar Rock Preserve) and Marilyn and Fred Ellis (donors of SJPT’s Ellis Preserve and much more protected land on Shaw and Lopez), Skip understands that each of us must do what we can to preserve the biodiversity, beauty, and unique character of the islands. By volunteering at the Ellis Preserve, Skip is honoring the legacy of conservation on Shaw Island, strengthening the Preservation Trust’s stewardship program, and buoying the spirits this most grateful preserve curator. “Hove-to” Old Bold, we’re glad your home!