Staying connected to our community is important, which is why the Preservation Trust staff created a video series called “Just a Minute from the Islands” in 2020. These videos highlight aspects of nature including local plants, birds, reptiles, marine life, and more.

This fall, we are continuing with a second season, which we’ve named: “Just a Moment from the Islands.” In this season we are featuring not only staff but various islanders who have expertise in natural history. If you know anyone who would be interested in contributing to this series, please let us know by emailing Sierra.

A special thanks to Michael Noonan (videographer and filmmaker) who is helping to vastly improve the production quality.

We are committed to preserving the quick and to-the-point character of these videos while making allowances to extend beyond one minute. We hope you agree that every moment counts in these compelling narratives from the San Juan Islands.

Season Two

Autumn Equinox – Spring Equinox