We (the staff and board of the San Juan Preservation Trust) are, collectively, doing okay, and each one of us hopes you are, too. Above all, we wish to extend our sympathy and send virtual hugs to all those in our community whose lives have been directly affected by COVID-19.

In particular, we want to express gratitude and admiration for those in our communities who are working valiantly on the front lines: nurses, doctors, and supporting healthcare staff; emergency responders in our fire, EMT, and sheriff’s departments; grocery and drug store employees; farmers, food preparers, and food-delivery workers and volunteers; and all other owners, employees, and volunteers of essential business and nonprofit organizations who are putting their own health at risk in service to others and the community at large.

Our three largest islands have each set up community-response hubs to serve as online portals for local resources and funding needs. Additional resources and ways to donate to emergency-response funds can be found on the islands’ community foundation and/or community resource center websites. Here’s a brief directory:

Lopez Island:
Orcas Island:
San Juan Island:

San Juan County, State, and Federal Government Resources

We at the Preservation Trust feel fortunate that, thanks to you and other faithful supporters, our funding is adequate to see us through the worst of this crisis. At this time of unprecedented need, we would like to call attention to other charitable organizations that are delivering direct relief to those adversely affected—many of which are included in the listings above.

While we’re all still staying at home and avoiding most personal interactions, it’s more important than ever for us all to savor some time outdoors each day. Take some deep breaths, listen to the birds and frogs, and take advantage of these dark, clear nights to stare in wonder at the stars.

To help you get your daily dose of nature’s Rx, we offer the following ideas and invitations from Preservation Trust staff members, from our backyards to yours: