The SJPT team of trustees and staff (shown last September) | Staff archive

We’re Hiring

In other words, we’re expanding our capacity in line with our strategic direction.

As we gear up to strengthen SJPT’s ability to engage more effectively with you, our members, and with the larger island community, I’m excited to announce that we are seeking candidates for a newly created position: Volunteer and Outreach Coordinator. For the fourth year, we are also gathering applications for our 2019 Fred E. Ellis Summer Internship program.

The Volunteer and Outreach Coordinator position has been long in coming. It has become increasingly clear that our small but faithful corps of volunteers (mostly folks who help with stewardship work parties, the Western Bluebird Project, and other field projects) deserve more attention and recognition. We plan to recruit more volunteers to expand our capacity not just in the stewardship area, but also to help with member-outreach events and outings, fundraising campaigns, communications efforts, IT and data-management needs, and special projects. All this requires additional capacity to provide staff oversight and coordination.

We are grateful to our Board of Trustees and—ultimately to you, our donors and volunteers (past and future)—for recognizing and supporting our need to grow in this vital area of community engagement.

Please pass along these two job descriptions to anyone who may be interested! The deadline for applications for both positions is March 8. We look forward to introducing the successful candidates for these positions in a future newsletter.