Videographer Michael Noonan, SJPT’s Sierra O’Connell, and Dr. Drew Harvell explore a tidepool in False Bay

To many observers, San Juan Island’s False Bay at low tide looks like a vast, empty mud flat. To marine invertebrate biologist Dr. Drew Harvell, however, the exposed tide pools, sandy silt, and eelgrass beds in the bay are one of the richest treasure-troves of biodiversity in the San Juan Islands.

During a very low tide on June 5, 2020, a small video crew trailed Dr. Harvell across False Bay’s 200+ acres of exposed ocean floor, racing the incoming tide to capture scenes for a virtual “biodiversity treasure hunt.” Videographer Michael Noonan shot the video and directed a crew of assistants as Dr. Harvell shared her invertebrate discoveries with the Preservation Trust’s “Just a Minute” video series leading star, Sierra O’Connell.

Dr. Harvell’s “Virtual Tour of False Bay” film—directed and edited by Michael Noonan—will make its debut later this summer, on a date to be announced. Check our Upcoming Events Calendar in early July, or sign up here if you’d like to be notified of the screening date.

Meanwhile, watch this “Just a Minute” trailer for the full-length film: