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Eric and Audra Adelberger

Gretchen Allison and Patrick Kirby

Angela Anderson & Adam Griesemer

Andrea and Erik Anderson

John and Janice Anderson

Mary Jane and Mark Anderson

Christian and Lea Andrade

Apple Matching Gift Program

Ken Arzarian

Baird Foundation

Geoff and Anne Barker

Lenore Bayuk and John Stamey

Sean & Alisha Belanga

Jill and Joe Belcovson

Chuck and Suzie Beringer

Willy and Vreni Borner

Stephen and Sara Burch

Peter and Lilla Burgess

Mike and Margot Burks

Coleman Byrnes

Myla Sherburne and Craig Canine

Paulie Jenkins and Theodore Carlsson

John Carrier and Susan Kareken

Ana Mari Cauce and Susan Joclyn

Bruce Clark and Nancy Best

Debby Clausen and Kim Sundberg

Irmgard Conley

Barbara and Robert Conta

Barbara Courtney and Art Lange

Tom and Tamara Cowan

Judy Cumming

Bart and Marcia Dawson

Deupree Family Foundation

Robert and Evelyn Doran

Dean and Ruthie Dougherty

Geoffrey and Jennifer Dunbar

Peter Dunwiddie and Liz Bell

Timothy and Andrea Easton

Eaton-Westhagen-Skinner Families

Moonie Edwards

David and Sandra Eichner

Paul Ellifrit

Nora Ferm

Bradley and Debra Fincher

Kathleen Foley and Bill Lewis

April and Gary Ford

Jeremy and Angela Foster

Lisbeth Francis

Martha and Timothy Fuller

Denise Garcia and Eric Schmidt

Charles Givens

James Goetz and Francie Rutherford

Greg and Valerie Gorder

Gay Graham & Ron Hanson

Julie Gralow and Hugh Allen

Dan Grausz and Clare Meeker

Don and Georgann Greene

Nancy and Joe Greene

Jack and Lindy Groban

Sven Haarhoff and Allison Shadday

Karen Haire

Francie Hansen

Ann Harris

Janet and John Hart

Sarah Hart

Hayley and Joseph Hatten

Carolyn Haugen

Pete and Deborah Helsell

Jeanette Henderson

Fred L and Judith A Henley

Shaun Hubbard and Harold Kawaguchi

Douglas and Christine Hunt

George and Peggy Hunt

Alice A. Hurd

Jean Hyde

Intel Corporation

Erik and Candace Jagel

Cheryl Jennings

Duane and Barbara Johnson

Alison Johnston Lohrey

Bruce Jones

Nancy Jones

Elaine Kendall and Ron Zee

Barrett Kennedy & Peggy Reily

Peter and Rebecca Kilpatrick

Pat Kimble

Christopher Kueffner and Lynn Stoddard

Daniel Kuppers

Jim & Sherry Ladd

Gretchen Lambert

Jeffrey Levinton and Joan Miyazaki

Konrad Liegel and Karen Atkins

Paul Lingane

John and Lorraine Littlewood

Ross Lockwood and Shona Aitken

Alison Longley

Walter and Ruth MacGinitie

David & Helen Mandley

Jana Marks

Nancy Maron and Larry Soll

Stanley and Karen Mayhew

Thomas McArthur

Chuck and DT McCarty

Rob Roy McGregor

Meat Machine Cycles

Eugene and Annette Metzger

Mary & Jon Metzger

Judy Meyer and Gene Helfman

Microsoft Matching Gifts Program

John Miller

Steven and Mary Miller

Claudia Mills

Susan Mitchell

George and Pauline Mulligan

Robert and Jeanne Naiman

Laurie and Kevin Naylor

Charles and Rita O’Clair

Joann Otto

Anne Pallinger

Alan and Anays Parsons

Cheryl Peach

Donald and Katy Peek

Thom Pence

Dick and Kathy Petrait

Bob and Becky Pohlad

Michael Popiwny and Paul Koopman

Lovel and Boyd Pratt

Thane & Linda Pratt

Geoff Prentiss

John and Priscilla Privat

Mark and Dale Prugar

Rod Pyle

Bailey Quishenberry

Cameron and Tori Ragen

Andrew and Patricia Reid

Barbara Rosenkotter and Tye Tyson

Katherine and Joe Ryan and San Juan Seltzer

Karla Sabin

Lisa Salisbury

Dieter and Lucrecia Schulz

Kurt and Elizabeth Schwalbe

Scott Angus and Leslie Schwartz

Martha M. Scott

Eliot and Tina Scull

Phil Sherburne and Susan Casabona

Nannette Simpson and James Foote

Lars Sjoholm

Dale and Laurie Slater

Norm and Kathy Smith

Amy & Kenneth Sommers

Gary and Susan Sterner

Sharon Stroble and Susan Dyer

Ed and Carol Strum

Elaina and Thyatira Thompson

Tim and Sally Thomsen and San Juan Kayak Expeditions Inc

Camille and Jim Uhlir

John and Jiannina VanLund

Karen and Jim Vedder

Dan and Lyn Vician

Keith and Jane Wentworth

Shann Weston and Steve Porten

Carol and John Whetten

Michael and Elizabeth Wingren

Jeff and Korynne Wright

Dick and Janet Wright

David and Mary Zeretzke