SJPT’s stewardship staff members (all three of them) rely on our hardy volunteers to help pull weeds, build trails, and accomplish other important field work. For really big jobs, however, we have made increasing use of Washington Conservation Corps crews. In the past year alone, they have been a huge help in stewarding our protected properties in the islands. …

WCC Crew on Turtleback in March

The Washington Conservation Corps (WCC) is an AmeriCorps program that gives young adults a chance to get hands-on experience in environmental field work. The Preservation Trust has made extensive use of WCC crews for the last five years. They’ve allowed us to tackle problems that can only be solved by crews of six young backs and a fabulous attitude.

Over the past year we’ve hired WCC crews to:
•    Build a wetland trail crossing on the Peach Preserve on Guemes Island
•    Restore remnant prairies on Vendovi Island
•    Remove Scotch broom and other invasives, plant native wildflowers, and expand oak units on Turtleback Mountain
•    Remove Scotch broom from the Entrance Mountain Conservation Easement
•    Remove yellow archangel from the Hoffman Preserve on Guemes
•    Build a trail on the Henry Island Isthmus
•    Expand the Salish Seeds nursery area
•    Deal with the multiple invasive species on Jack Island

We hope to accomplish even more with WCC crews in the year ahead.