Aaron Vliet from Friday Harbor High School chose to work with the Preservation Trust to complete a community project this past semester (Winter 2021). He was able to meld his passion for nature photography and his desire to further conservation efforts by assisting SJPT’s outreach and conservation staff.

We want to THANK Aaron for helping us during a photo shoot to create a “virtual site visit”—a video/photo presentation to accompany  a grant application. He captured many beautiful aspects of nature on our preserves, helped us better organize our photo database, and created a display (accompanied by SJPT literature) for Lopez Island Library’s art exhibit.

Aaron sent us this note at the conclusion of this project: “It was a pleasure to work with the San Juan Preservation Trust. It was great to learn about specific conservation objectives, like the reintroduction of Garry oaks, the importance of preserving shoreline, and the value of feeder cliffs. Over the course of my project, my photography skills definitely were advanced, particularly with regard to macros [close-up shots]. Furthermore, there were a lot of preserves that I learned about through this project that I was completely unaware of previously. I hope to continue to visit these preserves in the coming years and further develop my nature photography skills.”

Thank YOU Aaron!

The photos below were taken on Kimball Preserve, Watmough Bay Preserve, McArdle Bay, Beecher Preserve, Turtlehead Preserve, Turtleback Mountain Preserve, Richardson Wildfowl Preserve, Graham Preserve, and Ellis Preserve.